Do’s and don’ts in airport

Nobody in the world enjoys the airport security procedure or staff. However, in these uncertain times, increased airport security has become a necessary evil. However, this does not imply that the ordinary passenger must spend an hour or more at airport security every time they fly. Here are a few important dos and don’ts to assist you go through airport security faster.


  1. Wear shoes that can be easily put on and off, as well as removed and reworn. Anything that takes you to take a few minutes to put on or zip/tie may cause avoidable delays.
  2. Hold on to your boarding pass. If you leave it in your luggage, you may lose it if you are away from your possessions for an extended period of time, and a traveler without a boarding ticket is always recognized as ‘suspicious’ by airport security.
  3. Place your luggage on its side. Keeping it upright causes erroneous readings and inaccuracies, and you may be requested to have your luggage rescreened.
  4. Remove any metallic things before passing through the metal detector.
  5. Cosmetics should be kept in clear carry bags.
  6. Bring a doctor’s letter if you have a hip replacement, plate, or pacemaker. This would save you the embarrassment of being asked to enter the screening area and having your body cavity searched.
  7. Make sure that any beauty products, cosmetics, or other items are transported in clear plastic bags.


  1. Wear clothing with a lot of metallic accents. This will set off metal detectors, and you may be requested to remove the item.
  2. Make no attempt to repack your possessions on the conveyer belt.
  3. Keep track of your possessions. Airport security confiscates and sometimes destroys all unattended goods and bags.
  4. Make no bomb jokes. If you do, airport security is entirely within their rights to hold you, do a comprehensive background check on you, interview you, or even refer you to higher authorities if they identify you as a “suspect.”
  5. Knitting needles, corkscrews, scissors, and knives, among other items, should not be packed in hand baggage.
  6. Do not resist screening. This can irritate security officers, and you may be held for hours or barred from the airport/air travel for being uncooperative.
  7. Don’t pre-wrap any gifts since airport security will open them as soon as they can.
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