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Dos and don’ts in Balikbayan box

Admin- February 14, 2023

Put food in your balikbayan box. With soaring food prices in the Philippines, you might want to consider shipping some food over. Pack some typical ... Read More

The online newspaper in Kuwait

Admin- September 20, 2022

A list of Kuwaiti publications covering sports, politics, entertainment, business, national news, and worldwide news. Kuwait is one of the world's most developed Asian countries. ... Read More

Travel, departure, and arrival tips

Admin- September 19, 2022

Your luggage is packed, so you are ready to travel, right? Not exactly. While packing seems like a tremendous success, you are not yet at ... Read More

Do’s and don’ts in airport

Admin- September 18, 2022

Nobody in the world enjoys the airport security procedure or staff. However, in these uncertain times, increased airport security has become a necessary evil. However, ... Read More

Kuwait Known Cargos

Admin- September 18, 2022

Arab Italian Shipping Co. PHONE NUMBER: 22419919 - 22434992 - 22468598 - 22415438 - 22457406 - 22440416 FAX: 22456902 – 22434992 WEBSITE: http://arabitaliakuwait.com Saba Group ... Read More

Top 3 telecommunications and service provider in Kuwait

Admin- September 17, 2022

In Kuwait, there are three major mobile phone providers: Viva, Wataniya, and Zain. Each of these businesses offers comparable services such as voice mail, SMS, ... Read More

Top 100 Common Arabic Words

Admin- September 16, 2022

            Arabic  English 1          من         of 2          و          and 3          إلى        to 4          في         in 5          أنت        you 6          أن         that 7          هو         he 8          ... Read More

Kuwait Zipcodes/ Postal Codes

Admin- September 15, 2022

Al Ahmadi Governorate       Al thahar                      51215 Al ruqqa                       53301 Hadeya                        52700 Al Manqaf                    53700 Abu hulaifa                  54600 Fintas Investment       50000 Auqaila            ... Read More

The Governorates in Kuwait

Admin- September 14, 2022

Kuwait is split into six governorates (muhafazah). The governorates are split further into regions. The governorate is led by a Governor who is chosen by ... Read More

BDO Kabayan Savings Account Holders are reminded to avoid the P300 monthly deduction

Admin- September 12, 2022

Credits to Pinoy OFW To continue taking use of BDO's zero-maintenance balance feature, the firm has issued an advise to all BDO Kabayan Savings account ... Read More

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