Top 3 telecommunications and service provider in Kuwait

In Kuwait, there are three major mobile phone providers: Viva, Wataniya, and Zain. Each of these businesses offers comparable services such as voice mail, SMS, and mobile internet.

Prepaid and postpaid mobile phone plans are the most widespread in Kuwait. Prepaid means you purchase a certain number of minutes from a supplier.

A postpaid plan allows you to pick between a package with flat prices for every minute you call and a bundle with a certain number of free minutes. Your firm will charge you between 20 and 50 fils for every minute you exceed.

Calling during peak hours (8h to 23h) or to mobiles supplied by other providers often costs a few fils extra under plans that price by the minute. If you often use your phone, you might want to consider having a “buddy option,” which allows you to make inexpensive calls to certain friends and relatives. You may also buy an unlimited package for about 50 KD each month.

Many companies do not disclose contract lengths upfront, so be careful to inquire before signing your deal.

Choosing a service

In general, people believe that Ooredoo provides the finest service and coverage, closely followed by Zain. Viva is less dependable, despite having decent mobile internet coverage. To pick a plan that works for you, look into the firms and ask your friends in Kuwait who they use.

Service providers collaborate with shops who may offer you a discount – such as a free phone – in exchange for signing up for their service.


Prepaid SIM cards cost around 5 KD and are an excellent alternative if you’re just in Kuwait for a short period of time and want to maintain your current GSM phone. Kuwait works on a 3G network, so make sure your phone is unlocked (if it isn’t already). SIM cards may be purchased at the airport and from local businesses.

If you or your friends and family are just going to be in Kuwait for a few weeks, you should see if your existing provider works with Wataniya. If this is the case, they will provide you with a discount for using their services while you are in Kuwait.

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