Travel, departure, and arrival tips

Your luggage is packed, so you are ready to travel, right? Not exactly. While packing seems like a tremendous success, you are not yet at home. There are a few more items to tick off your list before you arrive at your ultimate destination.

Checklist for International Travel on the Day of Departure

Check the Status of Your Flight

This may sound obvious, yet many individuals just fly to the airport and expect everything will be OK. Nothing is more frustrating than arriving at the airport to discover that your flight has been canceled. Your airline should notify you in advance, but this does not always occur. The next flight is sometimes not until much later that day or even the next day. You could be trapped if you took a ride to the airport.

Check Airport Parking Situation

Plan ahead of time where you will park when you arrive. Some airports include private business parking facilities where you may park and then take a shuttle to the terminal. These establishments frequently have substantially reduced rates if you book ahead of time online. If you are parking at the airport, several lots near the terminal appear to be constantly filled. You may arrive at the lot only to be forced to complete the large circle around the airport and park further away, which can be irritating when you are rushing to catch a flight. Before you arrive, go ahead and assess the situation.

Get To the Airport At Least Two Hours Before Your Flight

Of course, this is a common-sense guideline, yet it is frequently disregarded. The fact that you rushed through the security line the past time does not guarantee that you will have the same privilege this time. Even now, when most passengers check in online and arrive at the airport with boarding cards and carry-on luggage, getting to your gate can take an astonishingly long time. This is especially true if you’re traveling with little children. So simply arrive to the airport as soon as feasible. Worst case scenario, you can relax in a restaurant near your gate and sip your favorite beverage.

Do Not Forget Your Passport

This seems apparent, yet there have been several reports of people arriving at airports without their passports. SO. MANY. This is again another incentive to arrive at the airport early in case you forget your passport or anything else.

Keep Security Items Easily Accessible

Make sure your drinks, computers, passports, and boarding cards are conveniently accessible. If you utilize mobile boarding passes, don’t use your airline app to obtain the boarding passes every time. Take a screenshot of your boarding pass and save it in your most recent images so you can find it fast.

Check Your Gate Assignment One Last Time

Even after you have received your boarding permit, your gate may change. After passing through security, double-check your gate on the huge screens. Get close to your gate so you can hear any announcements.

Try To Improve Your Seats

If you are dissatisfied with your seats or want to sit near to your travel companions, make one final plea to the gate agent to see if they can assist you. If you fail, speak with the flight attendants once on board. When the boarding door closes, unoccupied seats become available!


Consider eating something before boarding the plane. The food on aircraft is heavy in salt, which promotes dehydration and makes sleeping difficult. Bring food, particularly if traveling with children.

Arrival International Travel Checklist


Prepare your paperwork for immigration. Some nations enable Americans to enter via electronic border control. eGates in the United Kingdom and Germany’s Easy Pass System are two examples. To save time in line upon arrival, research your destination to see if ePassports are allowed. Please keep in mind that if you are traveling with children, you will be unable to use certain of these computerized border check devices.

When you get at your ultimate location, use your debit card to get some cash since the last thing you want to do is seek find an ATM that accepts your debit card once you’ve there. In Europe, there are two types of cash machines: Plus, which accepts Visa, and Maestro/Cirrus, which accepts MasterCard.

When withdrawing cash overseas, most banks impose a 1% foreign transaction fee. If you have a credit card with travel advantages, you will most likely not be charged these fees, therefore use your credit card as often as possible when traveling.

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