new kuwait working visa policy

Complete Overview of Kuwait Work Visa for OFWs 2024

Kuwait work visas are a gateway to a wealth of opportunities for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). With sectors like healthcare, IT, engineering, education, hospitality, and domestic work experiencing high demand, driven by economic growth, Kuwait offers competitive salaries and favorable immigration policies. Established Filipino communities provide crucial support, while the friendly work environment, sponsored accommodation,…

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FTEB-Accredited Sea Freight Forwarders for Balikbayan Box Shipments in 2024

Balikbayan boxes means something for Filipinos, particularly Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), serving as tangible expressions of love, care, and support for their families back home. These balikbayan boxes are filled with items, ranging from essentials to sentimental gifts, symbolizing the strong familial bonds and the sacrifices made by OFWs to provide for their loved ones….

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