Typhoon Aghon: Current Status and Forecast

Stay updated on Typhoon Aghon, which has intensified with wind speeds of 150 kph and gusts up to 185 kph. Currently moving away from the Philippines, it poses significant risks to regions in Luzon. Signal No. 2 and No. 3 have been raised, indicating potential for severe damage. Residents are advised to take precautionary measures against flooding and landslides. Forecasts predict the typhoon will maintain strength before weakening by mid to late Wednesday as it exits the Philippine Area of Responsibility. Keep informed through official updates from PAGASA.

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Low Pressure Area to Enter PAR on Thursday

Stay updated with the latest weather forecast from PAGASA as a low pressure area (LPA) east of Mindanao is expected to enter the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR) by Thursday. This LPA may intensify into Tropical Depression ‘Aghon’ and is expected to impact eastern Visayas and Luzon. Despite the LPA, the Philippines will continue experiencing predominantly hot weather due to the influence of the easterlies. Isolated rain showers and thunderstorms are forecasted, mainly in the afternoon and evening. Follow PAGASA’s advisories for crucial updates and safety precautions.

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