Summarizing Content Effectively

Learn the importance of summarization across various fields such as academics, journalism, and business. Discover techniques to create concise and effective summaries that save time, enhance comprehension, and facilitate clear communication. Understand challenges like losing context and oversimplification, and how to avoid them. Master the skill of summarizing content while maintaining the original intent and tone.

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President Marcos Approves Gradual Return to Traditional School Calendar

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has approved the reversion of the Philippines’ school calendar to its traditional schedule. Starting with the 2024-2025 school year, the academic year will run from July to April, with an eventual goal of a June to March timeline. This change aims to align the school calendar with the country’s seasonal patterns, reducing weather-related disruptions and enhancing educational quality. The transition will be gradual, allowing institutions ample time to adjust. This move is expected to improve attendance rates and academic performance while also aligning school activities with national events and agricultural cycles.

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Empowering Persons with Disabilities: 91 PWDs Complete Training at DSWD’s National Vocational Training Center

Learn more about the graduation of 91 persons with disabilities who completed their vocational training at the Department of Social Welfare and Development’s National Vocational Training Center. This milestone highlights their resilience and commitment to personal growth, as well as the dedication of the NVRC in empowering individuals with disabilities.

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