12 Best Kuwaiti Phrases To Learn As A Filipino Abroad

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Kumusta Kabayan!

Learning basic kuwaiti phrases before coming in Kuwait is essential to connect with the locals on a deeper level. Filipinos are known for our friendliness and adaptability, and learning a few basic phrases in Kuwaiti Arabic will go a long way. Not only will it make daily life easier, but it will also show your respect for the culture. In this blog, We wil learn the 12 most basic Kuwaiti phrases that will be useful as an expat living in Kuwait.

1. Marhaba (مرحبا) – Hello

This is a common greeting in Kuwait and across the Arab world. It’s a friendly and polite way to say hello to anyone you meet.

2. Shlonak/ Shlonik (شلونك) – How are you?

This phrase is used to ask someone how they are doing. It’s a great conversation starter and shows that you care about the person’s well-being.

3. Min fadlak (من فضلك) – Please

This phrase is used when asking for something. It’s a polite way to make a request and shows respect to the person you’re speaking to.

4. Shukran (شكرا) – Thank you

This is a must-know phrase in any language. It’s used to express gratitude and appreciation to someone.

5. Naam (نعم) – Yes

This is a simple but essential word to know. It’s used to agree with someone or to answer in the affirmative.

6. La (لا) – No

Just as important as knowing how to say “yes” is knowing how to say “no”. This word can be used to decline something or disagree.

7. Ma’afi Mushkila (مافي مشكلة) – No problem

This phrase is used to reassure someone that everything is okay. It’s a good phrase to use in any situation.

8. Toa (توا) – Now

This word is used to refer to the present moment. It’s useful in many contexts, such as when you’re making plans or discussing events.

9. Bacher (باجر) – Tomorrow

This word is used when talking about future plans. It’s a handy word to know when scheduling appointments or making plans.

10. Alhamdulillah (الحمد لله) – Praise be to God

This phrase is often used to express gratitude or relief. It’s a common phrase in Kuwait and across the Arab world.

11. Insha’Allah (إن شاء الله) – God willing

This phrase is used to express hope for the future. It’s often used when making plans or discussing potential future events.

12. Ma’asalama (مع السلامة) – Goodbye

This is a polite way to say goodbye. It literally means “with safety”, and it’s a nice way to wish someone well when parting ways.

Other Useful Kuwaiti Phrases:

  • Enti (f) / enta (m), shino tabin?: You, what do you want?
  • Ahna manabi shay: We want nothing
  • Wayn il bait kom?: Where is your house?
  • Betna fee el li Kuwait: Our house is in Kuwait
  • Ana khalaset: I finished
  • Ana mojawda bel bait alhin: I am at home now
  • Ana ga’id thathker enti/enta: I am waiting for you
  • Enti (f) / enta (m), shino ga’id sawi?: You, what are you doing?
  • Ana ga’id sawi kadda: I am making lunch

Benefit of Learning Kuwaiti Phrases

Learning these Kuwaiti phrases will not only help you communicate more effectively in Kuwait, but it will also show respect for the local culture. Remember, practice makes perfect, so don’t be afraid to start using these phrases in your daily life. Good luck, or as they say in Kuwait, “بالتوفيق (Biltofik)”!

What language does Kuwaiti speak?

The official language of Kuwait is modern standard arabic

How to introduce yourself in Kuwait?

Marhaba, ana [Your Name]. Saeed jiddan liqaa’ak. Kif inta?
Translation: “Hello, I am [Your Name]. Very pleased to meet you. How are you?”

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