17 candidates applied on the 9th day of parliamentary nomination.

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9th day of parliamentary nomination in kuwait.

Submission of Applications:

On the ninth day of the nomination period for the 2024 National Assembly elections, which are scheduled for April 4th, a total of 17 candidates submitted their applications to the Ministry of Interior’s Elections Affairs Department.

Cumulative Nomination Count:

Since the start of the nomination process last Monday, the total number of candidates who have submitted their requests now stands at 221. This count includes 214 males and 7 females. However, after resolving two waiver of candidacy cases, the net number of candidates stands at 219.

Constituency Breakdown:

  • Second Constituency: Bandar Awadh Al-Mutairi, Abdulwahab Anwar Al-Qattan, and Mohammad Barak Al-Mutair.
  • Third Constituency: Abdullah Talal Al-Hindal and Madhi Ibrahim Al-Khamees.
  • Fourth Constituency: This constituency boasts 12 candidates, comprising 11 males and 1 female:
    • Ahmad Atallah Al-Sulaimani
    • Hussain Abdullatif Al-Sairfi
    • Hamad Yousid Al-Jadi
    • Saud Nashmi Al-Huraiji
    • Adel Bashit Al-Jumaili
    • Abdullah Salem AlHajri
    • Askar Owaid Al-Enezi
    • Mubarak Haif Al-Hajraf
    • Mohammad Badah Al-Sulaimani
    • Mohammad Shunaifi Al-Majdi
    • Nawal Saleh Abal-Khail
    • Yousif Mohammad Al-Bathali

Nomination Process Details:

The nomination process for the 2024 National Assembly elections began the previous Monday under the oversight of the Elections Affairs Department. The deadline for nominations is set until the end of working hours on Wednesday, March 13th. Additionally, during the holy month of Ramadan, nomination requests will be accepted from 10:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

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