Beware of Fake Donation Links Targeting Charitable Hearts during Ramadan

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Gulf Bank Warning:

Gulf Bank is urging its customers to stay vigilant against fraudulent links targeting their personal and financial data. During Ramadan, phishing schemes leveraging charitable donations increase. Customers are reminded to verify the legitimacy of donation links and payment websites, ensuring they originate from reputable sources.

Avoid The Following:

Avoid interacting with suspicious emails, text messages, or phone calls, as banks do not solicit sensitive information through these channels. To protect against unauthorized access, customers are advised to refrain from storing sensitive information on mobile devices, including debit card numbers and passwords.

Gulf Bank encourages customers to follow these best practices:

  • Avoid clicking on unknown or suspicious links.
  • Regularly update antivirus software.
  • Type website URLs directly into browsers.
  • Download software from legitimate sources.
  • Keep operating systems and apps up to date.

Customer awareness is crucial in safeguarding banking data, particularly with the rise in electronic transactions. Gulf Bank promotes responsible donation practices through verified websites and authorized institutions. The bank remains committed to customer protection and community outreach through initiatives like the “Diraya” campaign, raising awareness about electronic crime threats.

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