Kuwait Municipality Introduces Electronic Licensing for Spring Camps

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As the camping season kicks off today, the Spring Camps Committee in the Kuwait Municipality is pleased to announce the implementation of a new electronic licensing system for camp owners. This move aims to streamline the process of setting up camps and ensure that camping activities are carried out in designated areas.

Contrary to recent rumors, the committee clarifies that camp owners will only be allowed to set up their camps in the Al-Oyoun and Saad Al-Abdullah sites in Al-Jahra Governorate, as previously announced. This decision is in line with the municipality’s efforts to regulate camping activities and protect the environment.

According to Muhammad Al-Mutairi, the official spokesperson for the Kuwait Municipality, the committee has completed all preparations for this year’s camping season. Starting today, Wednesday, camp owners can submit their reservation requests and obtain camp licenses through the newly implemented electronic system.

During the committee’s meeting, representatives from relevant government agencies and cooperative societies were present to discuss the establishment of markets and entertainment places to serve camping areas. As a result, two sites have been identified for camping: one on Kabd Road and the other in Subiya, at the end of the Jaber Al-Ahmad Bridge. The allocation of these sites will be done through a fair lottery system. Additionally, 14 locations for cooperative markets will also be distributed via a lottery.

The Kuwait Municipality emphasizes the importance of adhering to the conditions for establishing spring camps, which include complying with the requirements of the General Fire Department and the Ministry. It is strictly prohibited to harm the natural environment, wildlife, or the aesthetic value of the camping areas. Hunting or killing wildlife, grazing inside camping areas, littering, and constructing fixed facilities or drilling holes in the ground are also strictly prohibited.

This new electronic licensing system not only simplifies the process for camp owners but also ensures that camping activities are carried out responsibly and in accordance with environmental regulations. By implementing a lottery system for site allocation, the municipality aims to provide equal opportunities for camp owners and cooperative markets, promoting fairness and transparency.

As the camping season begins, the Kuwait Municipality calls upon all camp owners and visitors to respect the rules and regulations in place. By doing so, we can collectively preserve the beauty of the camping areas and protect the natural environment for future generations to enjoy.

For more information on the electronic licensing system and the latest updates on camping regulations, please visit the official article “Door opens for issuing licenses electronically to pitch camps” on TimesKuwait.

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