Kuwait anticipates a surge in electricity demand during the summer.

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Kuwait’s Electrical Energy Demand Sees Significant Increase

The latest statistics from the Ministry of Electricity, Water, and Renewable Energy in Kuwait highlight a significant increase in electrical energy demand during the summer months. The maximum load of electrical energy this summer peaked at around 17,250 megawatts, indicating a consistent upward trend in demand. Projections suggest an annual growth rate of 4 to 6 percent based on current consumption rates, with an increase of 3,595 megawatts over the past 8 years.

Factors Contributing to the Rise in Demand

The rise in electrical loads is attributed to various factors, including urban expansion, housing development, and soaring temperatures, which have reached as high as 52 degrees Celsius in some years.

Ministry’s Efforts to Ensure Uninterrupted Access

To meet this growing demand, the Ministry is implementing measures to ensure uninterrupted access to electrical energy, including periodic maintenance of electrical networks and power stations, as well as expanding energy production through ongoing projects.

Electrical Installations Across Sectors

In March, the Ministry’s monthly statistical report revealed a total of 73,271 kilowatts of electrical installations across all sectors. The private sector accounted for the majority of extensions, serving 529 customers with loads totaling 44,418 kilowatts, followed by the agricultural sector with 13,526 kilowatts across 7 plots. The government sector ranked third, delivering power to 20 plots with total loads of 9,335 kilowatts, followed by the industrial and investment sectors. The commercial sector had the fewest extensions, with loads reaching 40 kilowatts for two plots.

Efficient Energy Distribution

These statistics underscore the diverse distribution of electrical installations across different sectors of the country, reflecting the comprehensive efforts to meet the nation’s energy needs efficiently.

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