National Diwan for Human Rights’ Complaints Committee Completes 146 Tasks in 2023

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The National Diwan for Human Rights’ standing committee for complaints recently released its statistical review for 2023, as mandated by the provisions of law 67/2015 that established the Diwan. This review provides valuable insights into the committee’s work and achievements throughout the year.

According to Dr. Abdulredha Assiri, the chairman of the committee, a total of 146 tasks were completed in 2023, including the handling of 39 complaints. This demonstrates the committee’s commitment to addressing and resolving human rights issues brought to their attention.

In addition to handling complaints, the committee also engaged in various activities aimed at promoting and protecting human rights. They presented two research papers on human rights issues, conducted two seminars, and made 19 field visits to correctional and social care centers. This hands-on approach allowed them to gain a deeper understanding of the conditions and challenges faced by individuals in these facilities.

Furthermore, the committee visited 12 police stations and released 13 reports detailing their findings and recommendations. Their collaboration with three civil society organizations further enhanced their ability to address human rights concerns effectively. Additionally, the committee actively participated in six events and media interviews, nine meetings and conferences abroad, and 26 meetings within Kuwait. This demonstrates their dedication to engaging with various stakeholders and raising awareness about human rights.

Dr. Assiri highlighted the committee’s efforts in initiating practical activities for prisoners in collaboration with civil society organizations and charities, such as the Human Construction Society for Social Development. These initiatives aim to improve the well-being and rehabilitation of prisoners, ensuring their rights are respected.

The committee also prioritizes public awareness by collaborating with the Center for Gulf and Arabian Peninsula Studies. Through this partnership, they aim to educate the public about human rights issues and promote a culture of respect for these rights. Furthermore, Dr. Assiri emphasized that the committee handles complaints in a positive and proactive manner, ensuring that individuals’ concerns are addressed effectively.

Looking ahead, the committee has plans to launch various educational and discussion programs targeted at residents of social care homes, including the elderly, children with unknown parents, and juveniles. They also plan to engage with law enforcement officials through collaborations with official institutions in the country. These initiatives will help raise awareness and promote the protection of human rights among vulnerable populations.

The committee’s commitment to international engagement is evident through their participation in formal meetings and training programs with regional and international organizations. This allows them to learn about new policies and programs regarding humanitarian issues and gain valuable experience. By staying informed and connected, the committee can effectively contribute to the global discourse on human rights.

In conclusion, the statistical review of the National Diwan for Human Rights’ standing committee for complaints in 2023 showcases their dedication and achievements in promoting and protecting human rights. Through their proactive approach, collaboration with civil society organizations, and engagement with international partners, the committee is making a significant impact in ensuring the rights and well-being of individuals in Kuwait.

Source: TimesKuwait

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