The End of the Murabbaniyah Season and the Delayed Sunrise on January 2

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The Al-Ujairi Scientific Center has recently announced that the Murabbaniyah season is drawing to a close with the appearance of its third star, known as the Shula Star, on January 2, 2024. This celestial event holds great significance for astronomers and enthusiasts alike, as it marks the transition from winter to spring.

According to the Kuwait News Agency, the Shula Star is the last star of the square, and it shines for a duration of 13 days. During this period, the sunrise experiences its maximum delay throughout the year. It is fascinating to observe how the changing position of celestial bodies can have a tangible impact on our daily lives.

On the first day of the Shula Star’s appearance, the sunrise is expected at 6:43 in the morning, while sunset will occur at 5:10 in the evening. This means that the night still dominates over the number of daylight hours, with an average of approximately 13 hours and 42 minutes of darkness.

As the Shula Star graces the sky, temperatures drop during the night hours, particularly in open areas. The onset of dawn brings an increase in the intensity of cold, creating a unique and invigorating atmosphere. This phenomenon is particularly noticeable for those who venture outdoors during this time, experiencing the crispness of the air and the serenity of the pre-dawn hours.

It is important to note that the Murabbaniyah season and the appearance of the Shula Star hold cultural significance in local communities. In Kuwait, for example, the changing seasons and celestial events are often intertwined with traditional customs and practices. Families and friends may gather to celebrate the arrival of spring, enjoying outdoor activities and embracing the beauty of nature’s awakening.

While the Murabbaniyah season and the Shula Star may be specific to certain regions, the fascination with celestial events transcends borders. People from all walks of life can appreciate the beauty and wonder of the universe, finding solace and inspiration in the ever-changing celestial landscape.

In conclusion, the Murabbaniyah season is nearing its end with the appearance of the Shula Star. This celestial event not only marks the transition from winter to spring but also captivates our imagination and reminds us of the interconnectedness of the universe. Whether we are gazing at the stars from the deserts of Kuwait or the bustling streets of a cosmopolitan city, the celestial wonders continue to inspire and awe us, bridging cultures and connecting humanity in our shared fascination with the cosmos.

Source: TimesKuwait

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