Sara: Rise to the Challenge

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Harry Roque, former presidential spokesman, believes Vice President Sara Duterte is the ideal candidate to lead the opposition. In a recent Facebook post, he outlined several compelling reasons for his assertion.

He highlighted Duterte’s impressive electoral mandate as the country’s second-highest elected official. Her legal background and experience at the helm of the executive branch, Roque argues, further bolster her qualifications.

Roque emphasized Duterte’s unwavering stance against certain policies of the Marcos administration, showcasing her willingness to challenge the status quo. He also underscored her consistent popularity, citing her “highest net satisfaction and approval ratings” among government officials as evidence of public trust.

Duterte’s recent resignation from the Cabinet, Roque believes, demonstrates her principled nature and unwillingness to cling to power. He views it as a testament to her commitment to serving the nation above personal gain.

Finally, Roque expressed confidence that Duterte’s leadership would extend beyond regional interests, encompassing the needs of the entire nation. He concluded with a hopeful call to action, urging Duterte to embrace the challenge and lead the opposition.

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