Filipino Businessmen to Explore Agricultural Trade Opportunities in Malaysia

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Filipino Businessmen to Explore Agricultural Trade Possibilities in Malaysia

Filipino businessmen are gearing up for a trade mission to Malaysia next month, with the aim of exploring potential opportunities for agricultural trade. Led by Jose Ma. “Joey” Concepcion III, Chairman of the ASEAN Business Advisory Council (BAC) Philippines and founder of Go Negosyo, the private sector-led delegation will be in Malaysia on April 23 and 24.

The main objective of this trade mission is to foster collaboration between Filipino and Malaysian agriculture companies, particularly in the areas of palm oil, rubber, rice, dairy, poultry, pineapple, durian, banana, coconut, and corn. These commodities hold great potential for both countries, and through this mission, they hope to establish mutually beneficial partnerships.

The details of the visit were discussed in a meeting organized by the proponents of the Kapatid Angat Lahat sa Agri Program (KALAP), with Concepcion at the helm. KALAP aims to uplift the agriculture sector in the Philippines and promote inclusive growth through various initiatives.

The meeting was attended by some of the Philippines’ largest agriculture companies, including Universal Leaf Philippines, Yovel East Agriventures, Lionheart Farms, and Iba Botanicals. Additionally, representatives from commodity players such as the Philippine Rice Industry Stakeholders Movement, the Philippine Rubber Industry Council, and the UNAHCO-Philippine Association of Feed Millers were also present.

The discussions during the meeting were facilitated by senior advisers from Go Negosyo, including former Agriculture Secretary William Dar and Josephine Romero. Representing the ASEAN-BAC was its Executive Director, Gil Gonzales. The presence of these experienced individuals ensures that the trade mission is well-guided and has a strong foundation for success.

This trade mission follows the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the ASEAN-BACs of the Philippines and Malaysia last year. The MOU serves as a framework for cooperation and collaboration between the two countries in various sectors, including agriculture.

The meetings during the trade mission will be facilitated through the ABAC Malaysia B2B Connect Initiative (BCI), led by Malaysia’s former Trade Minister, Dato’ Sri Mustapa Mohamed. This initiative aims to enhance business-to-business connections and facilitate trade between the two countries.

In addition to the main focus on agricultural trade, the trade mission will also explore other potential areas of cooperation. One area of interest is agarwood inoculation technologies, which have significant economic potential. Furthermore, the delegation will discuss the possibility of streamlining international and domestic testing compliances, which can help facilitate smoother trade processes.

It is expected that the meeting with the Malaysian private sector will pave the way for similar cooperation activities between the ASEAN-BAC Philippines and the other signatories of the MOU. These signatories include Indonesia, Singapore, Cambodia, Myanmar, Brunei, Laos, and Thailand. Collaboration among these countries will strengthen regional trade and promote economic growth within ASEAN.

Overall, the upcoming trade mission to Malaysia presents a valuable opportunity for Filipino businessmen to explore agricultural trade possibilities and forge partnerships with their Malaysian counterparts. With the guidance of experienced leaders and the support of various organizations, this mission holds great potential for mutual benefit and growth in the agricultural sector of both countries.

Source: The Manila Times

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