Rustan’s Tantoco, 77: Remembering a Retail Icon

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MANILA, Philippines: The retail industry mourns the loss of Zenaida “Nedy” Tantoco, the esteemed chairman and chief executive officer of retail conglomerate Rustan’s. Tantoco’s passing was confirmed by her granddaughter, Nikki Huang, through an emotional Instagram story. She was 77 years old.

Known as the “queen” and “fairy godmother” to her loved ones, Tantoco leaves behind a legacy that extends beyond her role as a business leader. Her granddaughter, also an heiress to the conglomerate, expressed her deep love and admiration, stating, “I’ll miss you, forever.”

Tantoco’s remarkable journey began as the eldest daughter of Rustan’s founders, Ambassador Bienvenido Tantoco, Sr. and Gliceria Rustia-Tantoco. She embraced her family’s entrepreneurial spirit and made significant contributions to the growth and success of the company.

A separate family statement, published on the lifestyle blog The Diarist, which features writers from the Tantoco family, announced the passing of Zenaida “Nedy” R. Tantoco. The statement described her as a retailer, philanthropist, patroness of the arts, and a loving mother and grandmother.

With a heavy heart, the statement read, “It is with profound sadness that we announce the passing of Zenaida ‘Nedy’ R. Tantoco. She departed on the night of February 8, 2024, at 11:42 p.m.”

Throughout her career, Tantoco held the esteemed position of chairman of Stores Specialists, Inc. since 2007. Her leadership and dedication played a pivotal role in shaping the company’s success and establishing its prominent presence in the retail industry.

However, Tantoco’s contributions extended far beyond the realm of business. She was known for her philanthropic endeavors and unwavering support for the arts. Her passion for giving back to the community and nurturing local talents earned her the title of patroness of the arts.

As a philanthropist, Tantoco actively supported various causes, making a significant impact on the lives of many. Her generosity and commitment to uplifting others will be remembered and cherished by those who benefited from her support.

Not only was Tantoco a prominent figure in the business and philanthropic spheres, but she was also a loving mother and grandmother. Her family meant the world to her, and her presence will be deeply missed by those closest to her.

Tantoco’s passing marks the end of an era in the retail industry, leaving behind a void that will be difficult to fill. Her remarkable leadership, entrepreneurial spirit, and dedication to making a difference serve as an inspiration to future generations.

As we remember Zenaida “Nedy” Tantoco, let us honor her legacy by continuing to support philanthropic causes, nurturing local talents, and embodying the same passion and dedication she exemplified throughout her remarkable life.

Source: The Manila Times

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