Charges of Sexual Child Abuse and Trafficking to be Filed Against Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

Justice Secretary Jesus Crispin Remulla. PHOTO BY MIKE ALQUINTO
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In a significant development, Justice Secretary Jesus Crispin Remulla announced on Monday that charges of sexual child abuse and qualified trafficking are being readied against Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, the leader of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ in the Philippines. This move comes after the Office of the City Prosecutor of Davao City was directed to file charges for violation of Republic Act 7610, also known as the Anti-Child Abuse Law.

Additionally, a case for qualified human trafficking will be filed before the Pasig Court. It is important to note that Quiboloy is already facing multiple charges in the United States and has been included in the Wanted List of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The controversy surrounding Pastor Apollo Quiboloy has gained international attention, prompting the Philippine Senate to take action. Last month, the Senate issued a subpoena against the controversial preacher after he failed to appear in two hearings. These hearings aimed to uncover the details of the sexual abuse and forced labor charges against Quiboloy and some of his church members.

The charges against Quiboloy are serious and reflect the gravity of the alleged offenses. Sexual child abuse and trafficking are heinous crimes that have devastating effects on the victims. The decision to file charges against Quiboloy demonstrates the commitment of the Philippine government to protect its citizens, especially the most vulnerable, from such abuses.

It is worth noting that the charges being prepared against Quiboloy are in accordance with the country’s laws, specifically Republic Act 7610. This law is aimed at safeguarding the welfare of children by providing protection against abuse, exploitation, and discrimination. By invoking this law, the authorities are sending a strong message that child abuse will not be tolerated in any form.

The inclusion of qualified trafficking charges further emphasizes the severity of the allegations against Quiboloy. Human trafficking is a global issue that affects millions of people, particularly women and children. By pursuing these charges, the authorities are taking a stand against this grave violation of human rights.

While Quiboloy’s case has garnered attention both in the Philippines and abroad, it is crucial to remember that he is innocent until proven guilty. The legal process will determine the truth and hold those responsible accountable for their actions. It is important to respect the principle of due process and allow the justice system to take its course.

This case serves as a reminder that no one is above the law. Regardless of one’s position or influence, the justice system should be allowed to function independently, ensuring a fair and impartial trial. The charges against Quiboloy highlight the need for vigilance in safeguarding the rights of children and combating human trafficking.

In conclusion, the charges of sexual child abuse and qualified trafficking being prepared against Pastor Apollo Quiboloy demonstrate the commitment of the Philippine government to protect its citizens, particularly the most vulnerable. These charges reflect the severity of the alleged offenses and send a strong message that child abuse and trafficking will not be tolerated. As the legal process unfolds, it is important to uphold the principles of due process and allow the justice system to determine the truth.

Source: The Manila Times

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