PNP Chief’s Commitment to Eradicate Drug Menace and Cybercrimes

Chief PNP himself, Police General Benjamin C Acorda, Jr. Photo from The Official page of the Philippine National Police
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MANILA, Philippines: In a determined effort to address the issues of illegal drugs and cybercrimes, the Chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP), Benjamin Acorda Jr., has pledged to eradicate these menaces. Acorda emphasized the importance of drug clearing operations, as well as the need for reform, awareness, and education in the fight against illegal drugs.

Since assuming his position in April last year, Acorda has consistently assured the public that the PNP remains committed to protecting the Filipino people and eliminating the drug problem in the country. The tireless efforts of the PNP have resulted in significant progress, with the seizure of illegal drugs worth P5 billion and the arrest of 20,799 offenders.

The intensified operations by the PNP, particularly targeting high-value individuals involved in the drug trade, have played a crucial role in combating the drug problem. Acorda emphasized that apprehending these individuals is a key responsibility of the PNP.

In addition to the drug problem, Acorda highlighted the alarming rise in cybercrimes in the country. The PNP has filed 16,000 cases against 397 individuals involved in various cybercrimes, including human trafficking. To address this issue, Acorda proposed the establishment of police stations dedicated to handling cybercrime cases.

Currently, cybercrime cases are handled by the Anti-Cyber Group (ACG) at the regional level, which can be costly for complainants. By decentralizing the handling of cybercrime cases and establishing anti-cybercrime units nationwide, the PNP aims to provide more accessible and efficient assistance to victims of cybercrimes.

The ACG has identified several prevalent types of cybercrimes, including online scams, illegal access, computer-related identity theft, ATM/credit card fraud, threats, data interference, anti-photo and video voyeurism, computer-related fraud, and unjust vexation. The surge in cybercrimes can be attributed to the increasing reliance on the internet for various commercial activities, as explained by the ACG.

Acorda’s proactive approach in addressing the issue of cybercrimes reflects the PNP’s commitment to ensuring the safety and security of the Filipino people. By establishing dedicated units to handle cybercrime complaints, the PNP aims to effectively combat cybercrimes and protect the public from online threats.

In conclusion, the Chief of the Philippine National Police, Benjamin Acorda Jr., has made a strong commitment to eradicate the illegal drugs menace and combat cybercrimes in the country. Through drug clearing operations, reform, awareness, and education, the PNP is determined to eliminate the drug problem. Additionally, by proposing the establishment of anti-cybercrime units nationwide, the PNP aims to address the rising threat of cybercrimes and provide accessible assistance to victims. With these efforts, the PNP is working towards creating safer communities and protecting the Filipino people from the dangers of illegal drugs and cybercrimes.

Source: The Manila Times

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