DEPED Expresses Concern Over Increasing Violence Against Minors

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The Increasing Number of Killings among Minors

The increasing number of killings among minors in the Philippines has become a major cause for concern for the Department of Education (DepEd). The recent tragic incident in Cebu Province, where a student was fatally shot while studying at home, has further highlighted the urgency of addressing this issue. The victim, a grade 7 student, was diligently working on her modules when a group of unidentified men arrived at her residence and opened fire. The bullet that struck her ended her life prematurely, leaving her family, friends, and classmates devastated.

DepEd’s Response

In response to this senseless act of violence, the DepEd has issued a strong condemnation and expressed their deepest condolences to the victim’s loved ones. They have emphasized that every learner, regardless of their age or gender, should feel safe and secure while pursuing their education. The department has called upon the authorities to conduct a thorough investigation into this heinous crime and ensure that the perpetrator is brought to justice.

A Growing Concern

This tragic incident is not an isolated case. Just a few weeks ago, another grade 8 student was murdered in Agoncillo, Batangas while on her way to school. The DepEd has also condemned this act of violence and continues to advocate for the protection of students. These incidents have raised serious concerns about the safety of minors in the country and the need for immediate action to address the underlying issues that contribute to such crimes.

A Call for Solidarity

The DepEd is urging local authorities and the community to come together in solidarity against violence and work towards ensuring the safety and well-being of all learners. They are calling for a comprehensive approach that includes not only the investigation and prosecution of perpetrators but also the implementation of preventive measures and the provision of support services for affected students and their families.

Addressing the Underlying Issues

Efforts to address this issue must go beyond immediate responses to individual cases. It requires a broader examination of the social and economic factors that contribute to violence among minors. Poverty, lack of access to quality education, and the prevalence of illegal firearms are just some of the underlying issues that need to be tackled in order to create a safer environment for students.

A Collective Effort

The DepEd is committed to working closely with law enforcement agencies, local government units, and other stakeholders to develop and implement strategies that will effectively address the rising number of killings among minors. They are also calling for increased awareness and education on conflict resolution, respect for human rights, and the importance of nurturing a culture of peace within communities.

Ensuring Safety within Schools

To further address safety concerns for learners, the DepEd has implemented various measures to enhance security within schools. One such measure is the installation of surveillance cameras in strategic locations throughout the premises. These cameras not only act as a deterrent to potential wrongdoers but also provide valuable evidence in case of any untoward incidents.

Additionally, the DepEd has collaborated with local law enforcement agencies to conduct regular patrols in and around school areas. This ensures that law enforcement personnel are present and visible, serving as a constant reminder that the safety of learners is a top priority. These patrols also allow for immediate response in case of emergencies or suspicious activities.

Furthermore, the DepEd has initiated programs to educate both learners and their parents on personal safety and self-defense. These programs aim to empower students with the knowledge and skills necessary to protect themselves in potentially dangerous situations. By equipping learners with the tools they need to stay safe, the DepEd is taking a proactive approach to ensuring their well-being.

Addressing Emotional Well-being

In addition to physical security measures, the DepEd recognizes the importance of addressing the emotional well-being of learners. The department has implemented counseling services in schools to provide support to students who may have experienced trauma or are struggling with emotional issues. By prioritizing mental health, the DepEd aims to create a safe and nurturing environment where learners can flourish academically and personally.

A Collaborative Effort

It is important to note that ensuring the safety of learners is an ongoing process that requires the collaboration of various stakeholders. The DepEd actively engages with parents, teachers, and the community to foster a culture of vigilance and responsibility. Through regular dialogues and feedback mechanisms, the department gathers valuable insights and suggestions to continually improve safety protocols and practices.

A Safe Learning Environment

In conclusion, creating a safe learning environment requires a comprehensive and collaborative approach. By implementing robust security measures, promoting awareness and education on child protection, collaborating with local law enforcement agencies, fostering inclusivity and respect, providing mental health support, addressing root causes of violence, and regularly evaluating safety protocols, we can ensure that every learner feels safe and protected in their educational journey.

Source: The Manila Times

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