Empowering Persons with Disabilities: 91 PWDs Complete Training at DSWD’s National Vocational Training Center

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Achieving Milestones: Empowering Persons with Disabilities through Vocational Training

A significant achievement was celebrated at the Department of Social Welfare and Development’s National Vocational Training Center (NVRC) in Quezon City, as a total of 91 persons with disabilities (PWDs) successfully completed their social and vocational training. This milestone is not only a testament to their perseverance in overcoming challenges but also a demonstration of their commitment to personal and professional growth.

Assistant Secretary Elaine Fallarcuna, during the Fallarcuna 70th Commencement Exercise of the NVRC, expressed her admiration for the graduates and their remarkable journey. She emphasized that each graduate embodies the spirit of resilience, which, when complemented with hard work, determination, and support, enables them to overcome any obstacle that comes their way.

With the theme “Do Rise for Success: Persons with Different Abilities as Productive Members of Society,” the graduation ceremony highlighted an important milestone that empowers and recognizes people with disabilities. These graduates have not only embraced their unique talents and abilities but have also exemplified unwavering determination, resilience, and dedication throughout their vocational and rehabilitation journey.

The NVRC, a non-residential establishment of the DSWD Field Office in the National Capital Region, offers programs and services to enrolled individuals with disabilities and other vulnerable groups. Its aim is to help them build independent skills and develop a positive attitude. By providing a learning environment that enables persons with disabilities to return to their communities as better individuals, the NVRC plays a crucial role in enhancing their decision-making abilities, articulating their ideas, relating to people, and improving their economic conditions.

The graduates underwent training in various fields such as housekeeping and janitorial services, dressmaking, adaptive computers for the blind, massage therapy, beauty care and hairdressing, computer software, food service management, and social rehabilitation. These diverse training programs ensure that individuals with disabilities have a wide range of opportunities to develop their skills and pursue their passions.

During the ceremony, Assistant Secretary Fallarcuna acknowledged the essential assistance provided by the NVRC personnel and the graduates’ families. Their support and guidance have played a significant role in helping persons with disabilities create their own success stories. Fallarcuna also assured the vulnerable sectors that the DSWD would continue to support them in reaching their full potential through the various programs and services offered by the NVRC.

“As these graduates embark on the next chapter of their lives, the DSWD, through the NVRC, reaffirms our commitment to creating inclusive and accessible opportunities for all individuals,” Fallarcuna emphasized. The department recognizes the importance of ensuring that persons with disabilities have equal access to education, training, and employment opportunities. By doing so, they can contribute to society and lead fulfilling lives.

The NVRC serves as a learning environment for people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups, aiming to assist its enrolled trainees in making the greatest possible adjustment to their limitations and working toward social reintegration. By providing comprehensive support and guidance, the NVRC equips individuals with the necessary skills and confidence to reintegrate into society and lead independent and fulfilling lives.

In conclusion, the graduation of 91 persons with disabilities from the NVRC is a significant milestone that showcases their resilience and determination. It is a testament to their commitment to personal and professional growth, as well as the unwavering support provided by the NVRC and their families. The DSWD’s continued commitment to creating inclusive and accessible opportunities ensures that persons with disabilities can thrive and contribute to society. The NVRC’s comprehensive programs and services play a vital role in empowering individuals with disabilities and other vulnerable groups, enabling them to overcome limitations and achieve their full potential.

Source: The Manila Times

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