Filmmakers’ Coalition Urges Release of Detained PH Director

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A European-based filmmakers’ coalition, the International Coalition for Filmmakers at Risk (ICFR), has recently issued a statement demanding the release of detained film director Jade Castro. The coalition, in solidarity with the families of Castro and his three friends, is calling for a fair investigation into their case.

Expressing deep concern for Castro’s well-being, the ICFR stands firmly behind these statements and urges the Philippine authorities to promptly and unconditionally release Jade Castro and his companions.

Jade Castro is widely recognized for his directorial work in acclaimed films such as “Zombadings” and “My Big Love.” However, his recent arrest, along with his friends Noel Mariano, Ernesto Orcine, and Dominic Ramos, has raised serious questions.

The arrest took place after Castro and his friends attended the Cocolunay festival in Mulanay, Quezon. They were accused by police operatives of setting a jeepney on fire, leading to their detention.

The ICFR’s call for the release of Castro and his companions is grounded in the belief that a fair investigation should be conducted, ensuring that justice is served. The coalition emphasizes the importance of respecting the rights of filmmakers and artists, who play a vital role in promoting freedom of expression and cultural exchange.

Detaining individuals without sufficient evidence can have a chilling effect on artistic freedom and creativity. It is crucial that the authorities handle this case with transparency and adhere to due process, allowing Castro and his friends the opportunity to defend themselves against the allegations brought against them.

The ICFR’s support for Castro’s release highlights the international concern surrounding this case. As a European-based coalition, they bring a unique perspective and understanding of the importance of protecting the rights of filmmakers and artists. By joining forces with the families of Castro and his friends, they aim to amplify their voices and advocate for a fair and just resolution.

It is important to note that the ICFR’s call for the release of Castro and his companions is not an attempt to interfere with the legal system of the Philippines. Rather, it is an appeal for a thorough and unbiased investigation, ensuring that the principles of justice are upheld.

Filmmakers, like Castro, contribute significantly to the cultural landscape of their countries and the world at large. Their creative work has the power to inspire, challenge, and provoke thought. It is essential that their rights are protected, allowing them to continue their valuable contributions to society.

In conclusion, the European-based filmmakers’ coalition, the ICFR, has joined the families of detained film director Jade Castro and his friends in demanding a fair investigation and the immediate release of the detainees. Their call for justice emphasizes the importance of protecting the rights of filmmakers and artists, ensuring that they can continue to contribute to society through their creative work. The international support for Castro’s release underscores the significance of this case and the need for a transparent and unbiased resolution.

Source: The Manila Times

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