Sharon Cuneta and Kiko Pangilinan File Cyberlibel Case Against Entertainment Writer

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Former Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan and Sharon Cuneta File Cyber Libel Case

In a recent development in the Philippine entertainment industry, former senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan and his wife, actress Sharon Cuneta, have filed a cyber libel case against individuals who allegedly spread false and damaging information about their personal and family affairs. This move comes just days after actress Bea Alonzo made headlines for filing a similar case against another individual.

Accompanied by their legal counsel from the Britanico Sarmiento and Ringler Law Firm, Cuneta and Pangilinan filed the cyber libel charges at the Makati City Prosecutor’s Office on Friday. The couple aims to address the malicious imputations and defamation of their characters through legal means.

Protecting Their Rights as Public Figures

In an interview with showbiz website, Pangilinan emphasized that being public figures does not mean they have to tolerate lies and defamation. He stated that they also have private rights, especially when the matter at hand is not of public interest but pertains to personal or family matters.

Pangilinan expressed his belief that such behavior should not be allowed, referring to the spreading of slander and lies on social media platforms solely for the purpose of gaining fame or increasing views and subscribers. He stressed the need to put a stop to this criminal behavior.

The Toll on Their Family

Cuneta echoed her husband’s sentiments, highlighting the negative impact baseless accusations and online harassment have had on their family. She shared how such incidents affect not only their personal lives but also their children.

Despite her reluctance to resort to legal action, Cuneta explained that she had been targeted with baseless accusations repeatedly. She emphasized that while opinions are acceptable, there is a line that should not be crossed. The couple’s children and their marriage have also been subjected to unwarranted attacks.

Cuneta expressed her frustration at the portrayal of their family in a negative light, asserting that their lives have been dedicated to raising good human beings. She emphasized their decency and honesty, acknowledging that they are not perfect but live their lives with integrity and without scandal.

Understanding the Perspective of Cristy Fermin

In response to the cyber libel case filed against her, Cristy Fermin, a well-known talent manager and showbiz reporter, acknowledged that lawsuits are part of the territory in her line of work. She mentioned previous cases involving Sara Lahbati and Bea Alonzo and questioned who would be next, even jokingly suggesting Julia Roberts.

Fermin acknowledged the perspective of those who file such cases against journalists, recognizing the importance of drawing a line and avoiding accusations that go beyond what is acceptable. She emphasized that journalists should be held accountable for serious offenses such as theft or human trafficking.

Previous Cyber Libel Cases

It is worth noting that Bea Alonzo had already filed cyber libel cases against Fermin and talent manager-showbiz reporter Ogie Diaz in May 2024. Alonzo cited false, malicious, and damaging information that had been published and discussed by Fermin and Diaz.

With the recent filing of cyber libel cases by Pangilinan and Cuneta, it is evident that public figures in the Philippines are increasingly resorting to legal action to protect their rights and address the harmful effects of false information circulating on social media platforms.

Source: The Manila Times

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