US Teen Makes History as First Human to Conquer Tetris

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In a groundbreaking achievement, a 13-year-old US teenager named Willis Gibson, also known as “blue scuti,” has become the first human to reach the “kill screen” of the Nintendo version of the classic computer game Tetris. This accomplishment, previously only achieved by artificial intelligence, has sent shockwaves through the gaming community.

Gibson’s incredible feat was witnessed by fellow players who followed his progress online. In a video uploaded to YouTube, which spans over 40 minutes, Gibson can be seen sitting mostly motionless while rapidly scrolling his fingers across a controller. However, towards the end of the video, his excitement reaches a crescendo as he repeatedly screams, “Oh my God!” and breathlessly exclaims, “I can’t feel my fingers.”

The emotional outburst serves as a stark contrast to the preceding 35 minutes of gameplay. This achievement is not only a personal triumph for Gibson but also a significant milestone for the community of Tetris enthusiasts who participate in both online and in-person tournaments.

According to Classic Tetris World Championship president Vince Clemente, Gibson’s achievement is unprecedented. He stated, “It’s never been done by a human before. It’s basically something that everyone thought was impossible until a couple of years ago.” The game itself, created by a Soviet software engineer, is a simple yet highly addictive puzzle game where players must rotate and manipulate falling blocks to create solid lines inside a box.

Traditionally, the game was believed to end at Level 29, where the blocks fall at such a rapid pace that it becomes impossible for humans to react. However, recent innovations and advancements have pushed the boundaries of the game. Players have discovered ways to surpass this level, exploiting the limitations of the game’s ancient code.

Competitive players have long been aware of a point in the game where the code bugs out and the game freezes. Until now, only computers had been able to reach this glitch. However, on December 21, while on Level 157, Gibson dropped a piece into place that caused a single line of blocks to vanish, resulting in the game freezing.

The Tetris community erupted with excitement as fellow players shared in Gibson’s triumph. Classic Tetris World Champion fractal161, also known as Justin Yu, exclaimed on his livestream, “He did it, he did it!” Tetris chief executive Maya Rogers also joined in the celebration, describing Gibson’s accomplishment as extraordinary and a testament to the game’s enduring legacy.

As Tetris approaches its 40th anniversary in 2024, Gibson’s achievement serves as a fitting tribute to the game’s longevity and enduring appeal. Tetris chief executive Maya Rogers expressed her congratulations to “blue scuti” for defying all preconceived limits of this legendary game.

In conclusion, Willis Gibson’s historic achievement in Tetris has surpassed the capabilities of artificial intelligence and solidified his place in gaming history. His accomplishment not only showcases the dedication and skill of individual players but also highlights the ongoing evolution and innovation within the gaming community. As Tetris continues to captivate players worldwide, Gibson’s achievement serves as a testament to the game’s timeless appeal and its ability to push the boundaries of what was once thought possible.

Source: The Manila Times

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