Philippines’ Liter for Light Project Wins Migrants 4 Climate Award in Switzerland

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The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) announced on Thursday, February 8, that the Philippines’ Liter for Light Project has been honored as one of the three laureates of the Migrants4Climate (M4C) Award. This recognition was presented during the 14th Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) Summit held in Geneva, Switzerland on January 23, 2024.

The M4C Award acknowledges outstanding initiatives that migrants and diaspora communities lead or participate in, which have demonstrated a significant impact on climate action at the local level. It is granted by the Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF), a cooperative platform for participating governments to collaborate on global climate change issues.

The Liter for Light Project was initiated in the aftermath of Typhoon “Haiyan”/”Yolanda” in 2013. Its primary objective was to empower communities by teaching them how to build solar lights using hand-built solar circuits and recycled materials. By providing sustainable lighting solutions, the project aimed to improve the quality of life for those affected by the devastating typhoon.

During the award ceremony, Illac Diaz, the founder of the Liter of Light project, delivered a speech expressing his gratitude. Diaz stated, “We knew we had something here, something that could work, but something that also made each person realize that they had the power to make a difference.” This acknowledgment not only recognizes the project’s success but also highlights the importance of empowering individuals to take action in addressing climate change.

The impact of the Liter for Light Project has been remarkable, reaching over a million people in 32 countries. By equipping communities with the knowledge and skills to build their own solar lights, the project has not only provided sustainable lighting solutions but has also empowered individuals to become active participants in combating climate change.

Receiving the M4C Award is a testament to the project’s collaboration with migrant and diaspora communities, showcasing their ability to take real, tangible, and lasting action. This recognition highlights the vital role that these communities play in addressing climate change and promoting sustainable development.

The Liter for Light Project’s success demonstrates the importance of grassroots initiatives in driving climate action. By engaging local communities and providing them with the tools and knowledge to make a positive impact, projects like this have the potential to create lasting change.

The DFA’s announcement of the Liter for Light Project’s recognition at the GFMD Summit serves as an inspiration to other countries and organizations. It showcases the potential for innovative and community-driven solutions to address the challenges posed by climate change.

In conclusion, the Philippines’ Liter for Light Project has received the prestigious Migrants4Climate Award for its significant climate action impact. This recognition highlights the project’s success in empowering communities, providing sustainable lighting solutions, and fostering a sense of individual agency in addressing climate change. The Liter for Light Project serves as an inspiration for other initiatives and emphasizes the importance of grassroots efforts in driving climate action worldwide.

Source: The Manila Times

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