Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Rice Instead of Flowers, Says DA

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MANILA, Philippines: In a surprising twist, the Department of Agriculture (DA) has suggested a different kind of gift for Valentine’s Day in the Philippines. Instead of the traditional bouquet of flowers, the DA advises lovers to give rice to their significant others. Agriculture Undersecretary Roger Navarro explained in a press briefing that flowers cannot be eaten, making rice a more practical and meaningful gift.

“Ang dapat iregalo natin sa Valentine’s Day sa ating mahal sa buhay, bigas. ‘Wag na yung flowers, kasi hindi makain yun,” Navarro emphasized. (What we should give on Valentine’s Day to our loved ones is rice. Don’t give them flowers because it cannot be eaten.)

Navarro added a playful touch to his statement, saying, “Matinik pati. Kasi ang rosas ay matinik, pero matamis ang bigas. Bigas pa more.” (It’s also thorny. Because the rose is thorny, but the rice is sweet. More rice.)

While this suggestion may seem unconventional to some, it reflects the cultural significance of rice in the Philippines. Rice is a staple food in the country, and it holds a special place in Filipino cuisine and traditions. By giving rice as a gift, Filipinos are not only expressing their love but also sharing a part of their culture.

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. also shared his thoughts on celebrating Valentine’s Day in a unique way. In an Instagram post, he encouraged Filipinos to prioritize their health during the love month.

“The new Filipino is more careful about his health, so this month of hearts, let’s celebrate by loving ourselves,” Marcos said. “Let’s take care of our hearts because no one else will take care of your heart but you, especially if you’re single.”

The President, who is known for his active lifestyle, even shared a video of himself exercising on his official Instagram account. His message resonates with the growing awareness of health and self-care among Filipinos, emphasizing the importance of self-love and well-being.

Valentine’s Day, celebrated every February 14, is a day of love and affection worldwide. However, the Filipino twist on this occasion adds a unique touch to the festivities. By replacing flowers with rice, Filipinos are showcasing their practicality and cultural heritage.

It is important to note that this suggestion from the Department of Agriculture is not meant to discourage the giving of flowers entirely. Flowers still hold a special place in expressing love and appreciation. However, the idea of giving rice as a gift adds a refreshing twist to the traditional celebration.

As with any cultural practice, it is essential to respect and understand the customs of different countries. In the Philippines, rice is not just a food but a symbol of sustenance, unity, and love. By embracing this unique tradition, individuals can deepen their understanding of Filipino culture and strengthen their connections with loved ones.

So, this Valentine’s Day, consider surprising your significant other with a bag of rice alongside the usual flowers. Show them that your love is not only romantic but also practical and rooted in the rich traditions of the Philippines.

Source: The Manila Times

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