Comelec Resumes Voter Registration for 2025 Elections

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The Commission on Elections (Comelec) has announced that voter registration for the two scheduled elections in 2025 will resume today, Monday, February 12. To make the process easier and more accessible, the poll body will also launch its register anywhere program (RAP) nationwide.

Comelec Chairman George Erwin Garcia has personally taken the initiative to lead registration activities in the island municipality of Kalayaan, which holds symbolic significance. “Kalayaan is very symbolic because we want everybody to know and to show that anywhere you are in the country, Comelec will be there,” Garcia stated. He emphasized that even in far-flung areas like Kalayaan, the commission is committed to ensuring that every eligible citizen has the opportunity to register.

The voter registration period will run from February 12 to September 30, with registration available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., including Saturdays and holidays, unless otherwise declared by the Comelec. The commission expects approximately 3 million new voters to register, bringing the total number of registered voters to 71 million, up from the current 68 million.

Garcia reminded potential registrants that employee IDs will no longer be accepted as valid identification for registration purposes. Only government-issued identification cards, including barangay IDs with a picture and signature, will be accepted.

To be eligible to register as a voter, an individual must be a Filipino citizen who is at least 18 years old on the day of the elections on May 12, 2025. They must have been a resident of the Philippines for at least one year and have resided in the specific place where they intend to vote for at least six months prior to the 2025 elections. Additionally, they must not be disqualified by law.

Regular registration will be conducted in all local Comelec offices in cities and municipalities, while offsite/satellite registration will be available in barangays, malls, educational institutions, and other establishments.

The Comelec’s register anywhere program (RAP) aims to bring the registration process closer to the people by utilizing 166 malls across the country. This initiative recognizes the importance of accessibility and convenience in encouraging more citizens to participate in the democratic process.

By expanding registration venues beyond traditional Comelec offices, the commission hopes to reach a wider audience, particularly those who may find it challenging to travel long distances to register. The RAP is a significant step towards ensuring that every eligible Filipino has the opportunity to exercise their right to vote.

The Comelec’s efforts to facilitate voter registration are crucial in maintaining a robust and inclusive democracy. By making the process more accessible and convenient, the commission is empowering citizens to actively engage in shaping the future of their country.

As the registration period begins, it is essential for eligible individuals to take advantage of this opportunity and register as voters. By doing so, they can play an active role in the democratic process and contribute to the development and progress of the Philippines.

Let us remember that democracy thrives when citizens participate, and registering to vote is the first step towards making a difference.

Source: The Manila Times

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