Expect Heated Debates on RBH 7 in the House of Representatives

The House of Representatives under the leadership of Speaker Ferdinand Martin Romualdez today began the period of sponsorship and debate on Resolution of Both Houses (RBH) No. 7 which seeks to amend certain economic provisions of the 1987 Constitution, particularly on the grant of legislative franchises to public utilities (Article XII), basic education (Article XIV), and advertising (Article XVI). Photo from House of Representatives of the Philippines FB page
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DEPUTY Speaker and Quezon 2nd District Rep. David “Jayjay” Suarez anticipates intense discussions and debates in the House of Representatives plenary regarding Resolution of Both Houses 7 (RBH 7). The House recently commenced the period of sponsorship and debate for RBH 7, signaling the start of what is expected to be a contentious process.

Suarez acknowledges that the sponsors of the resolution are prepared to engage in a fierce battle with the opposition. He foresees heated deliberations taking place as RBH 7 enters the plenary, where legislators will passionately discuss and defend their respective positions.

RBH 7, jointly filed by Senior Deputy Speaker Aurelio “Dong” Gonzales Jr., Suarez, and House Majority Leader Manuel Jose “Mannix” Dalipe on February 19, aims to amend specific economic provisions of the 1987 Constitution. The House Committee of the Whole approved RBH 7 on March 6, paving the way for further discussions and debates.

Dalipe confirms that the chamber has allocated three days for plenary debates on RBH 7. The goal is to reach a vote on the matter’s second reading by Wednesday, providing sufficient time for thorough discussions and considerations.

1-Rider Rep. Ramon Rodrigo Gutierrez, a member of the minority bloc, emphasizes the importance of granting the House minority the same level of exhaustive deliberations as the House Committee of the Whole. He expects that the minority’s viewpoints will receive fair and equal attention during the process.

During his sponsorship speech on Monday, Gonzales Jr. implores the Senate not to obstruct the efforts to amend the Constitution. He argues that there is no better time than the present to revise the economic provisions of the 1987 Constitution, emphasizing the potential benefits of such amendments.

Amending the Constitution is a significant undertaking that requires careful consideration and thorough debate. It is crucial for legislators to engage in meaningful discussions, weighing the pros and cons of proposed changes. The outcome of these deliberations will have a lasting impact on the country’s economic landscape.

The proposed amendments to the economic provisions of the 1987 Constitution aim to address current challenges and unlock opportunities for economic growth. By revising these provisions, the government seeks to attract more foreign investments, stimulate job creation, and foster sustainable development.

However, constitutional amendments are not without controversy. Critics argue that altering the Constitution may lead to unforeseen consequences and potential risks. It is essential for legislators to address these concerns and ensure that any amendments are in the best interest of the Filipino people.

As the House of Representatives embarks on these heated deliberations, it is crucial for lawmakers to approach the discussions with an open mind and a commitment to serving the public. The outcome of these debates will shape the future of the country’s economic policies and determine its competitiveness on the global stage.

In conclusion, the House of Representatives is set to engage in intense discussions and debates on RBH 7, a resolution seeking to amend the economic provisions of the 1987 Constitution. With heated deliberations anticipated, legislators must approach the process with a sense of responsibility and a dedication to the welfare of the Filipino people. By engaging in thorough and meaningful debates, lawmakers can ensure that any constitutional amendments serve the best interests of the nation and its citizens.

Source: The Manila Times

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