First Lady’s “Bagong Pilipinas” Campaign Aims to Foster Collaboration Between Private Sector and Government

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First Lady Marie Louise “Liza” Araneta Marcos recently unveiled the “Bagong Pilipinas” campaign, which aims to foster closer collaboration between the private sector and the government as part of a comprehensive plan for genuine development that benefits all Filipinos.

During her speech at the launch of a medical laboratory services program in La Union on February 6, the First Lady highlighted that “Bagong Pilipinas” is not merely a political strategy designed to cater to a privileged few. Instead, it represents a vision that seeks to bring the private sector and the government together to work collectively towards building a better Philippines.

Recognizing the significance of partnership with the private sector, Araneta Marcos emphasized that the agenda of “Bagong Pilipinas” can only be achieved through collaborative efforts. She stressed, “With numerous challenges confronting us, it is imperative to acknowledge that the government cannot tackle them alone. Cooperation between the public and private sectors is crucial.”

Explaining the essence of “Bagong Pilipinas,” the First Lady elucidated that it signifies a unification of forces between the public and private sectors to uplift fellow countrymen. She stated, “When we talk about ‘Bagong Pilipinas,’ we are essentially referring to the coming together of the public and private sectors to support and aid our fellow Filipinos.”

Furthermore, Araneta Marcos highlighted the importance of maintaining a respectful and constructive environment within the framework of “Bagong Pilipinas.” She emphasized that defamation, hurtful words, and criticisms have no place in this new era. She firmly stated, “In ‘Bagong Pilipinas,’ there is no room for defamation, no space for hurtful words. As Filipinos, regardless of our social status, we carry ourselves with dignity.”

During her speech, the First Lady also celebrated the success of the “LAB For All” program, which was conceived under her guidance. The program aims to provide free medical consultations, laboratory services, and medicines to communities across the country.

Expressing her gratitude towards the collaborative efforts of the government and the private sector, Araneta Marcos commended the “LAB For All” team for their dedication. She stated, “The ‘Lab For All’ team, along with our hard-working private partners from both the government and the private sector, has been present in La Union. Together, we have delivered free legal and medical consultations, laboratory services, dental procedures, eyeglasses, medicines, and health kits.”

The launch of the “Bagong Pilipinas” campaign signifies a new era of collaboration and progress in the Philippines. With the First Lady’s vision of bringing the private sector closer to the government, Filipinos can look forward to a brighter future built on unity and shared goals.

Source: The Manila Times

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