Investigation into Bullying of Health Workers: Senator Go’s Commitment to Safeguarding their Welfare

SEN. Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO
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Support for Probe into Bullying of Hospital Workers

Senator Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Health, has expressed his support for an investigation into the alleged bullying of interns, nurses, and other rank-and-file workers in hospitals. This call for a probe was raised by Senator Rafael “Raffy” Tulfo during a public hearing of the Senate Committee on Health.

The issue of bullying in healthcare settings is a serious concern that affects the well-being of healthcare workers and the quality of patient care. It is essential to address this issue to create a safe and supportive environment for all individuals involved in the healthcare system.

Investigation into Suicides among Resident Doctors

In addition to the bullying issue, Senator Tulfo has also called for an investigation into reported suicides among resident doctors. He has questioned the effectiveness of the current policies of hospitals and the Department of Health (DOH) in preventing such tragedies.

This issue highlights the importance of prioritizing the mental health and well-being of healthcare professionals. The demanding nature of their work, combined with high levels of stress and long working hours, can take a toll on their mental health. It is crucial to have adequate support systems in place to address these challenges and prevent such tragic outcomes.

Commitment to Addressing the Issue

Senator Go has expressed his support for Senator Tulfo’s sentiments and call to investigate these issues. He emphasized the need to take care of the physical and mental conditions of every Filipino, not only the patients but also the doctors and healthcare workers.

Health Secretary Teodoro Herbosa has assured that the Department of Health (DOH) is committed to addressing the issue of bullying and suicides among healthcare workers. It is crucial for the government and relevant authorities to work together to develop and implement effective policies and measures to prevent and address these issues.

Safeguarding the Welfare of Healthcare Workers

Senator Go highlighted the importance of promptly disbursing the Health Emergency Allowance (HEA) as a sign of the government’s commitment to safeguard the welfare of healthcare workers. The HEA was initiated during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic to provide financial assistance to healthcare workers who were on the frontlines.

Health Undersecretary Carol Taiño confirmed that all the programmed funds designated for the HEA, amounting to P19 billion, have been released to healthcare workers, covering the year 2024. This timely disbursement of funds is crucial in recognizing the dedication and sacrifices of healthcare workers during the challenging times of the pandemic.

Ensuring the well-being and safety of healthcare workers is essential for the overall functioning of the healthcare system. It is imperative for authorities to investigate and address issues of bullying and suicides among healthcare workers. By creating a supportive and nurturing environment, we can enhance the quality of patient care and promote the overall well-being of those who dedicate their lives to serving others.

Source: The Manila Times

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