“Japanese Ambassador Anticipates Fruitful Collaboration with the Philippines”

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Japanese Ambassador Looks Forward to Collaboration with Filipinos

Manila, Philippines – Incoming Japanese Ambassador to the Philippines, Endo Kazuya, expressed his anticipation for a “fruitful” collaboration with Filipinos as he prepares to assume his new post. Ambassador Koshikawa Kazuhiko recently concluded his tour of duty as the envoy to Manila on March 5. In a letter to the media, he expressed his hope for continued partnership with the embassy and his successor, Ambassador Endo Kazuya. He also mentioned his desire to visit the Philippines again as a tourist soon.

Endo Kazuya’s Background and Excitement for the Journey

Endo, the former Director-General of Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ International Cooperation Bureau, shared his enthusiasm for his upcoming mission on social media platform X (formerly Twitter). He mentioned that he had the opportunity to meet his predecessor, Koshikawa Kazuhiko, and listened to his presentation about his experiences in the Philippines. This interaction further fueled Endo’s eagerness to meet the Filipino people and embark on his journey in this exciting country.

Discovering Common Interests and Building Bridges

During his meeting with Koshikawa Kazuhiko, Endo learned that Filipinos are surprisingly big fans of Japanese anime and pop culture. He expressed his curiosity about what he can bring next after the popularity of Voltes V. Endo looks forward to witnessing and sharing the Japan hype with the Filipino people firsthand.

On March 12, Endo shared another update on platform X, revealing that he stumbled upon a trove of sweet Philippine bananas at a local supermarket. He humorously speculated that it was a gesture from the Filipino people to treat him to these tasty goodies. Endo expressed his readiness to peel away barriers and dive into a fruitful collaboration with the Philippines.

Stronger Bonds between Japan and the Philippines

In the same letter to reporters, Koshikawa acknowledged the strengthening bonds between Japan and the Philippines in recent years, marking a golden age in their bilateral relations. He attributed this achievement to the commitment and dedication of both nations in highlighting significant milestones that have defined their journey together. Koshikawa also recognized the role of insightful media coverage and tireless efforts in fostering mutual understanding between the Japanese and Filipino people.

The arrival of Ambassador Endo Kazuya brings new possibilities for collaboration and further deepens the relationship between Japan and the Philippines. With his background in international cooperation, Endo’s expertise and enthusiasm will contribute to the continued growth of mutual understanding and partnership between the two nations.

As Endo prepares to embark on his mission in the Philippines, his eagerness to collaborate with Filipinos and his genuine interest in their culture and interests lay a solid foundation for a successful tenure. The Japanese Embassy and the Filipino people can look forward to a fruitful collaboration under Ambassador Endo’s leadership.

Source: The Manila Times

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