Malabon City Shares Best Housing Practices at Australian Conferences

Malabon City Administrator nagsilbing presenter sa 2 housing conferences sa Australia
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The Malabon City government recently had the opportunity to showcase its best housing practices at two prestigious housing research conferences held in Australia. Mayor Jeannie Sandoval expressed her pride in City Administrator Alexander Rosete, who was a presenter at the Joint Australian Housing Research Conference and the Asia-Pacific Network for Housing Research – 13th Australian Housing Researchers’ Conference. The conferences, held at the University of South Australia – City West Campus in the City of Adelaide, attracted housing research scholars and practitioners from around the world.

Among the topics discussed in Rosete’s presentation was the successful management of Manila’s Land for the Landless Housing Services Program. This program highlights the initiatives taken by the city of Manila to provide homes for its citizens. As the former chief administrative officer and director of the Manila Urban Settlements Office, Rosete brought valuable insights and expertise to the conferences.

One of the key aspects of Rosete’s presentation was the “life changing” tenure security program for urban land tenants. This program aims to provide qualified residents with land or construct new housing projects for the benefit of the homeless in the city. By ensuring secure land tenure, the program offers stability and a sense of belonging to those in need.

In addition to the tenure security program, Rosete discussed various other initiatives implemented by Malabon City and Manila to enhance their housing and urban development efforts. These include the integration of livelihood opportunities into the Land for the Landless Program, process redesign, the shift to digital and electronic payments, and the development of a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation plan. The integration of multi-stream management was also highlighted as a crucial element in the success of their initiatives.

Rosete expressed his gratitude to De La Salle Araneta University, the City of Malabon University, and his colleagues at the city government for their support in his research endeavors. Their collaboration and dedication have played a significant role in the development and implementation of these best housing practices.

The conferences provided a platform for housing experts and practitioners from different countries to exchange knowledge and insights. Scholars and professionals from the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and various countries in Asia and the Pacific gathered to learn from each other’s experiences and discuss innovative approaches to housing and urban development.

By participating in these international conferences, the Malabon City government has not only showcased its best housing practices but has also gained valuable insights from other nations. This exchange of ideas and experiences is crucial in addressing the global housing challenges we face today.

The efforts of the Malabon City government and its commitment to improving housing and urban development initiatives serve as an inspiration to other cities and countries. By sharing their successes, they contribute to the collective effort of creating sustainable and inclusive communities worldwide.

In conclusion, the Malabon City government’s participation in the housing research conferences in Australia was a significant milestone in showcasing their best housing practices. Through the expertise of City Administrator Alexander Rosete, the city’s successful initiatives, such as the Land for the Landless Housing Services Program, were highlighted. The conferences provided an excellent opportunity for international collaboration and knowledge sharing in the field of housing and urban development. The Malabon City government’s dedication to improving the lives of its citizens through innovative housing solutions sets a commendable example for cities around the world.

Source: The Manila Times

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