Marcos Questions Duterte’s Statement on Drug Watch, Cites Fentanyl Use

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In a surprising turn of events, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. of the Philippines has attributed former President Rodrigo Duterte’s accusations against him to Duterte’s use of the drug fentanyl. Marcos expressed his concern about the addictive nature and serious side effects of fentanyl, suggesting that it may have affected Duterte’s judgment.

During a press conference before his departure to Vietnam, Marcos stated, “I think it must be the fentanyl. It is highly addictive and it has very serious side effects. And PRRD has been taking the drug for a very long time now.” Marcos further speculated that Duterte had not disclosed his fentanyl use for several years, and this prolonged usage may have had an impact on his behavior.

Expressing his hopes for Duterte’s well-being, Marcos added, “I hope his doctors take better care of him.” This statement highlights the concern that Marcos holds for the former president’s health and the potential effects of long-term fentanyl use.

Duterte had previously claimed that during his tenure as mayor of Davao City, he was presented with evidence by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) that Marcos’ name was on their watchlist. However, the PDEA released a statement on Monday denying the presence of Marcos’ name on their list.

The PDEA clarified, “From its inception in 2002 and up to the present, President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. was never in our NDIS.” They went on to explain that when Duterte assumed office in 2016, his administration introduced a list initially referred to as the ‘narco-list’ or the Duterte list. This list underwent validation and revalidation, eventually becoming the Inter-Agency Drug Information Database (IDID). The PDEA confirmed that Marcos’ name is not included in this database.

To provide further context, the PDEA explained the timeline of Duterte’s mayoral terms in Davao City and the establishment of their National Drug Information System (NDIS). The agency stated, “Former President Duterte was mayor of Davao from 1988 to 1998; 2001 to 2010; then 2013 to 2016. PDEA, on the other hand, was activated on July 30, 2002. When PDEA was activated, it established its National Drug Information System or NDIS, which is still in existence today.”

These clarifications from the PDEA aim to refute Duterte’s claims and provide a comprehensive understanding of the timelines and systems involved. As the controversy surrounding Duterte’s accusations unfolds, it is crucial to consider the information provided by the PDEA to gain a clearer perspective.

In conclusion, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has attributed former President Rodrigo Duterte’s accusations to Duterte’s use of the drug fentanyl. Marcos expressed concern for Duterte’s well-being and speculated on the potential impact of long-term fentanyl use. The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) has denied the presence of Marcos’ name on their watchlist, providing a detailed explanation of their database and timelines. As the situation develops, it is important to consider all available information to form an informed opinion.

Source: The Manila Times

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