Mayor Duterte Absent in Marcos Events in Davao City

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DAVAO City Mayor Sebastian “Baste” Duterte’s absence at all of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s public events in his own turf of Davao City has sparked curiosity and speculation. The Chief Executive visited Duterte’s territory on Wednesday to attend the inauguration of the Davao City Bulk Water Supply Project, the distribution of land e-titles to agrarian reform beneficiaries, and the signing of contracts for the Davao Public Transport Modernization Project (DPTMP).

This marked Marcos’ first visit to Davao City since the public word war between him, Mayor Duterte, and his predecessor, Rodrigo Duterte. The strained relationship between the Davao City mayor and the President has been widely reported. However, it is worth noting that despite the absence of Mayor Duterte, his elder sister and Vice President, Sara Duterte, attended the last two events. She also joined the President in a situation briefing on the government’s rescue, relief, and rehabilitation efforts following the recent flooding and landslides in the Davao Region.

The conflict between the younger Duterte and President Marcos stems from their public exchanges. Mayor Duterte had called for the President’s resignation, while Marcos alleged that Duterte was on the drug watch list of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) and insinuated that he was under the influence of narcotics while performing his duties.

In response, the President did not directly address the mayor’s call for resignation but instead criticized Marcos for his prolonged use of fentanyl, a controlled form of painkiller. The President suggested that Marcos’ use of the drug may have influenced his unwarranted public pronouncements.

Despite the strained relationship between the Duterte men and President Marcos, the latter emphasized that his trust and confidence in Vice President Sara Duterte, who is also his running mate in the upcoming 2022 national elections, remains unchanged. He stated that he has no plans to replace her as the concurrent secretary of the Department of Education (DepEd).

In an earlier interview, President Marcos clarified, “She has not said anything similar in that sense, so nothing has changed.” This statement indicates that despite the public disagreements between the Duterte family and the President, Marcos values his partnership with Vice President Sara Duterte and intends to maintain their alliance.

The absence of Mayor Baste Duterte at President Marcos’ events in Davao City raises questions about the dynamics between the two political figures. While their conflict has been evident, it is important to remember that politics can often be complex and multifaceted. The absence of Mayor Duterte may signify a deeper divide, or it could simply be a scheduling conflict. Only time will tell how this relationship will evolve in the future.

In conclusion, the absence of Davao City Mayor Baste Duterte at President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s events in Davao City has caught the attention of many. The strained relationship between the Duterte family and the President has been well-documented, but the reasons behind the mayor’s absence remain unclear. As the political landscape continues to unfold, it will be interesting to see how these dynamics shape the future of Davao City and the nation as a whole.

Source: The Manila Times

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