Philippine House Urges Senate to Pass Natural Gas Bill

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Call for Senate Action to Develop the Philippines’ Natural Gas Industry

A prominent leader of the House of Representatives has urged the Senate to pass a crucial measure aimed at establishing a state policy for the development of the natural gas industry in the Philippines. In a statement released on Wednesday, Deputy Majority Leader and Tingog Party-List Representative Jude Acidre emphasized the importance of this legislation, which has already been approved by the House on its third reading. The proposed Philippine Downstream Natural Gas Industry (PDNGI) Development Act is considered a key legislative priority of the Marcos administration.

Addressing Energy Sector Challenges

Acidre acknowledged that while the proposed law is not a “silver bullet” that can solve all the problems in the energy sector, it will certainly alleviate the prevailing conditions of energy supply. He emphasized that the inclusion of this legislation as one of the priorities of the Legislative Executive Development Advisory Council (LEDAC) requires no further explanation or plea for its immediate passage.

Promoting Indigenous Natural Gas as a Sustainable Energy Source

Acidre, as one of the principal authors of House Bill 8456, highlighted the bill’s objective of promoting indigenous natural gas as a safe, environment-friendly, efficient, and cost-effective source of energy. He expressed his solidarity with his fellow House colleagues and partners in the energy industry, urging the Senate to take action on the counterpart bill that has been pending in the Senate Energy Committee, chaired by Senator Raffy Tulfo, since last year.

During the COP28 discussions in Dubai, Acidre pointed out the significance of natural gas as a vital energy source that needs to be harnessed to achieve energy independence. Developing the natural gas industry would enable the Philippines to become more self-reliant in meeting its energy needs. By tapping into domestic natural gas resources and building a robust industry around it, the country can reduce its dependence on imported energy sources.

Advantages of Natural Gas Development

Acidre emphasized that implementing a natural gas development policy would not only reduce the country’s reliance on imported fuel but also contribute to a stable and secure energy supply. Natural gas offers a more cost-effective energy option compared to other fossil fuels, which can help lower energy costs for consumers, including households, businesses, and industries. This, in turn, would make energy more affordable and accessible to Filipinos.

The lawmaker stressed that managing the country’s energy costs is a top priority. Acidre commended the House for its dedicated efforts in prioritizing the proposed law, recognizing the potential benefits it holds for the nation’s energy sector and the overall welfare of its citizens.

Source: The Manila Times

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