President Marcos Denies Reports of PNP Coup Plot

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President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. Denies Reports of Ousting Plot by Senior Police Officers

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. addressed concerns on Friday regarding a potential plot by senior officers of the Philippine National Police (PNP) to remove him from power. Former Senator Antonio Trillanes IV had warned of a brewing destabilization plan involving police officials. Speaking to reporters in General Santos City, President Marcos stated that there were no reports of a coup within the ranks of the PNP.

However, he acknowledged the possibility of retired police officers participating in the alleged destabilization effort. While ruling out a loyalty check for PNP members, President Marcos expressed his intention to review their records rather than rely solely on their verbal affirmations of loyalty. He emphasized that the professional conduct of the police officers was more important than their voting preferences in the upcoming 2022 elections.

President Marcos urged the police and armed forces to carry out their duties with professionalism and integrity. He emphasized that their commitment to their work was paramount, regardless of their personal political affiliations or voting choices. The president’s focus was on ensuring that the police force remained dedicated to their responsibilities and the protection of the Filipino people.

Trillanes Alleges Senior Police Officers’ Involvement in Destabilization Plot

Former Senator Antonio Trillanes IV held a media briefing on Tuesday, where he claimed that senior police officers were actively recruiting members for a destabilization plot. Trillanes also implicated the “Duterte camp” as the driving force behind the alleged plot. It is worth noting that former President Rodrigo Duterte is currently under investigation by the International Criminal Court for alleged crimes against humanity related to his anti-drug campaign.

During a rally in Davao City in January, Duterte called on the military and police to defend the constitution from any attempts by pro-Marcos lawmakers to revise it. He warned that President Marcos could face a similar fate as his father, former President Ferdinand Marcos Sr., if any charter change initiatives were successful.

In response to Trillanes’ claims, Harry Roque Jr., Duterte’s former palace spokesman, dismissed them as “hallucinations and hangovers from his coup d’etat days.” Roque’s statement implied that Trillanes’ allegations were baseless and lacked credibility.

PNP Spokesman Denies Involvement of Police Officials in Destabilization Plot

PNP spokesman Jean Fajardo categorically denied the involvement of any active police officers in the alleged destabilization plot. She emphasized that the PNP remained apolitical and committed to upholding the constitution. Fajardo stated that there had been no monitoring or evidence of any destabilization plot within the police force.

It is essential to note that these developments in the Philippines hold significance not only within the country but also for international observers. Understanding the local laws, customs, and political landscape is crucial for contextualizing the situation accurately.

The allegations of a destabilization plot involving senior police officers and the subsequent denial by President Marcos and the PNP raise concerns about the stability of the government and the potential impact on the rule of law. It is essential to closely monitor the situation and assess any potential consequences for the Philippines’ political landscape.

In conclusion, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has refuted reports of a plot by senior police officers to oust him from power. While acknowledging the possibility of retired police officers participating in a destabilization effort, President Marcos emphasized the importance of professionalism and dedication to duty among the police force. Former Senator Antonio Trillanes IV’s allegations and the subsequent denial by the PNP highlight the need for careful observation and analysis of the political situation in the Philippines.

Source: The Manila Times

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