President Marcos Urges Reflection and Embracing the Spirit of Chinese New Year

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MANILA, Philippines: As the country celebrates the Chinese New Year, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. encouraged the public to reflect on the accomplishments of the past year and embrace the spirited heartbeat of the dragon’s realm. This festive occasion brings infinite opportunities as the Filipino-Chinese community gathers to pay homage to the heritage of the dragon, a timeless symbol of power, wisdom, and courage.

The President expressed his joy and elation in joining the Filipino-Chinese community in welcoming the new year. He emphasized the significance of the dragon’s presence, urging everyone to reflect on the triumphs that elevated their spirits and nourished their souls in the past year. These victories should rekindle enthusiasm and optimism, uplifting the nation and propelling it to greater heights.

Amidst the vibrant colors of lanterns illuminating the sky and the rhythmic beats of drums filling the air, a new chapter unfolds before the Filipino-Chinese community. They revel in the jubilant festivities and embrace the spirited heartbeat of the dragon’s realm, knowing that the Year of the Dragon brings endless possibilities and a limitless horizon.

President Marcos also reminded everyone that dreams turn into reality through firm commitment and resolve. As a diverse yet united community, he urged them to immerse themselves in the richness of their cultural identity and lay the groundwork for a more peaceful, harmonious, and progressive Philippines. He extended his wishes for an auspicious and bountiful Chinese New Year to all.

Chinese New Year, also known as the Lunar New Year, is a significant event celebrated by China and Chinese communities around the world. It is marked by lucky holiday decorations, traditional lion and dragon dances, and colorful fireworks. While it doesn’t have a fixed date in the Gregorian calendar, Chinese New Year always falls between January 21 and February 20.

This year, Chinese New Year falls on Saturday, February 10, ushering in the Year of the Dragon. The dragon symbolizes power, might, and imperial influence over everything. In the Philippines, many members of the Filipino-Chinese community gather in Binondo, the world’s oldest Chinatown. Binondo has been acknowledged since 1954 as a permanent settlement of Chinese immigrants during the Spanish rule.

As the Filipino-Chinese community celebrates Chinese New Year, they honor their heritage and embrace the symbolism of the dragon. This auspicious occasion serves as a reminder to reflect on past achievements, cultivate enthusiasm and optimism, and lay the foundation for a more prosperous and harmonious future. May this Year of the Dragon bring endless possibilities and blessings to all.

Source: The Manila Times

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