“Pro-China Coalition Fights Against US-BBM Proxy War”

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The Launch of the Coalition

The launch of the coalition opposing the alleged US-BBM proxy war against China marked a significant moment in the ongoing geopolitical tensions in the Asia-Pacific region. With growing concerns over the militarization of the region, this movement aims to raise awareness and advocate for a peaceful resolution to the escalating conflict.

The Manifesto

The manifesto presented by the “No to US-BBM Proxy War” movement outlined several key points that highlight the coalition’s stance.

Firstly, it emphasized the need for dialogue and diplomacy as the primary means of resolving disputes between nations. The coalition firmly believes that military actions and proxy wars only serve to exacerbate tensions and endanger the lives of innocent civilians.

Furthermore, the manifesto called for a comprehensive review of existing defense agreements and military alliances in the region. The coalition argues that these agreements often perpetuate a cycle of aggression and contribute to the arms race, ultimately destabilizing the region. By reevaluating these agreements, the coalition hopes to promote a more balanced and cooperative approach to security in the Asia-Pacific.

Another key aspect of the manifesto is the coalition’s commitment to promoting economic cooperation and mutual development among nations. The movement recognizes that economic interdependence can foster stability and reduce the likelihood of conflict. By encouraging trade, investment, and cultural exchange, the coalition aims to build stronger ties between nations in the region, ultimately paving the way for a more peaceful coexistence.

The Launch Event

The launch event at the Quezon City Sports Club was attended by a diverse group of individuals, including activists, academics, politicians, and concerned citizens. The coalition’s message resonated with many who have grown weary of the escalating tensions and the potential consequences of a proxy war between the United States and China.

Notable Supporters

Notable supporters of the movement also include prominent academics, intellectuals, and activists who have long been critical of US imperialism and its influence in the Philippines.

According to Dr. Araullo, the movement is not just about opposing the current administration’s policies but is rooted in a deep-seated desire to break free from the shackles of neocolonialism and assert the Philippines’ rightful place in the international community.

Joining the chorus of voices against US intervention is Professor Randy David, a respected sociologist and columnist. He contends that the movement is not driven by blind nationalism, but rather by a genuine concern for the welfare and future of the Filipino people.

Support from Various Sectors

Moreover, the movement has gained support from various sectors of society, including labor unions, farmer organizations, and indigenous peoples’ groups. These groups see the US-BBM proxy war as a threat to their livelihoods, land rights, and cultural heritage. They argue that the continued militarization of the South China Sea and the encroachment of US military bases in the Philippines only exacerbate their already precarious situation.

Rejecting the False Narrative

The movement vehemently rejects the false narrative that portrays China as the aggressor in the region. Laurel emphasized the complexities of the geopolitical landscape and recognized that peaceful coexistence and cooperation with neighboring countries, including China, are essential for regional stability and development.

Engaging Students

As part of their efforts to raise awareness and promote discussion, the “No to US-BBM Proxy War” manifesto will be brought to different schools for student engagement. Additionally, the movement has set up a website where supporters can sign the manifesto, further amplifying their message and garnering support.

Source: The Manila Times

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