Push for Bureau of Immigration Modernization

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Senator Christopher “Bong” Go has recently renewed his efforts to modernize the Bureau of Immigration (BI) through the proposed “Bureau of Immigration Modernization Act” (Senate Bill 1185). In a recent interview, Senator Go highlighted the importance of this modernization in addressing the challenges of corruption within the agency.

Recognizing the correlation between low salaries, staff shortages, and corruption, Senator Go emphasized the need for improved wages and additional personnel to mitigate these issues in the bureaucracy. He stressed that modernization is crucial to not only hiring more personnel, but also providing them with better compensation to deter corruption.

Senator Go also drew attention to past irregularities involving Immigration personnel, further emphasizing the urgency of the proposed reforms. By enhancing the services for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), the senator aims to address the exploitation and bureaucratic hurdles that OFWs often face. He emphasized the need for proper guidance to ensure the safety and well-being of OFWs.

The proposed “Bureau of Immigration Modernization Act” includes the creation of coterminous positions for the Office of the Commissioner and deputy commissioners. It also introduces new positions under the Directorate for Planning and Research, as well as the Directorate for Human Resources Management and Development. These new positions are expected to boost the productivity and efficiency of the BI.

Additionally, the bill grants the commissioner the authority to make changes in the composition, distribution, and assignment of field offices and personnel based on the demographics of foreign nationals and the exigency of the service. This flexibility allows for a more strategic approach in managing immigration affairs.

Furthermore, the bill aims to improve the salary grade, emoluments, and other benefits received by bureau officials and employees. The goal is to properly compensate their hard work and address any apparent disparity among agencies performing similar functions.

If the “Bureau of Immigration Modernization Act” is passed into law, the BI Board of Commissioners will be authorized to retain and use 30 percent of its collections from immigration fees, fines, penalties, and other income for the effective implementation of the measure. This provision ensures that the agency has the necessary resources for its modernization efforts.

To support the modernization initiatives, an Immigration Trust Fund will also be created, which will be sourced from the collections mentioned above. This fund will further contribute to the agency’s modernization and improvement of services.

In conclusion, Senator Bong Go’s push for the modernization of the Bureau of Immigration highlights the need to address corruption, improve services for OFWs, and enhance the overall efficiency of the agency. Through the proposed “Bureau of Immigration Modernization Act,” the senator aims to create a more effective and responsive immigration system that meets the needs of both the government and the people it serves.

Source: The Manila Times

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