Sen. Marcos to Seek Resolution with Dutertes to Preserve UniTeam Unity

President-elect Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. and Vice President-elect Sara Zimmerman Duterte engage in a discussion during the inauguration of Vice President-elect Duterte as the 15th Vice President of the Philippines at San Pedro Square, Poblacion District in Davao City on June 19, 2022.  ACE MORANDANTE/ PRESIDENTIAL PHOTO
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MANILA, Philippines: Senator Maria Josefa Imelda “Imee” Marcos has expressed her intention to reach out to the Dutertes in an effort to salvage the Uniteam amidst reports of internal conflicts within the organization.

In a television interview on Thursday, Senator Marcos revealed that she plans to have a dialogue with former president Rodrigo Duterte and Vice President Sara Duterte during her visit to Davao City on Friday. As the chairman of the Senate Committee on Electoral Reforms, Marcos is committed to continuing the investigation into alleged pay offs and bribery in the people’s initiative to pursue Charter change.

Reflecting on her purpose for visiting Davao, Marcos stated, “That was my entire purpose for going to Davao – to attempt to speak to the Dutertes and, of course, with Vice President Sara Duterte, whom I haven’t seen for a while.”

Emphasizing her determination, Marcos candidly expressed, “Let me be clear. I am willing to do whatever it takes to salvage the Uniteam.”

During the 2022 presidential elections, Marcos’s brother, former senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., and then Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte ran under the UniTeam banner. Marcos acknowledged her role in bringing Vice President Sara Duterte on board as her brother’s running mate, stating, “I would fight for the unity of the Marcoses and Dutertes because Vice President Sara has actually said and revealed that I brought her in and convinced her to be the running mate of my brother.”

Senator Marcos firmly believes in the importance of maintaining unity between the Marcos and Duterte families, not only for their own benefit but also for the betterment of the country. “I’m determined to salvage whatever shreds remain of that unity. It is good for our country, it is good for development, and for our future,” she asserted.

Addressing the challenges faced by the Uniteam, Marcos acknowledged the interference from external pressures and other politicians. She emphasized, “It’s very, very clear that my effort was simply to try and patch things up because, in my mind, the principles continue to work with each other very happily except when interference from so many other pressures, influences, and other politicians come in. That’s the problem.”

Refuting the notion that the Dutertes are now against the Marcos administration, Senator Marcos highlighted Vice President Sara Duterte’s statement expressing gratitude to the President for his support and commitment to the eight-point agenda. “I think saying that the Dutertes are now one against the Marcos administration is oversimplifying things a little bit,” Marcos clarified.

As Senator Marcos prepares for her dialogue with the Dutertes, she remains optimistic about the potential for reconciliation and unity within the Uniteam. Her unwavering commitment to salvaging the organization reflects her dedication to the progress and future of the country.

Source: The Manila Times

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