Surigao del Norte Declared Insurgency-Free

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Surigao del Norte Declared Insurgency-Free Province

Interior and Local Government Secretary Benjamin Abalos recently announced that Surigao del Norte, a province in the Philippines, is now insurgency-free. This achievement is the result of the unwavering efforts of the provincial government, the military, and the police in dismantling the remaining forces of the New People’s Army in the province.

Efforts to Combat Insurgency

The successful eradication of insurgency in Surigao del Norte is a testament to the collaborative efforts of various stakeholders. The provincial government, in close cooperation with the military and police, implemented strategic measures to address the presence of the New People’s Army.

The joint efforts focused on intelligence gathering, targeted operations, and community engagement. By actively dismantling the insurgent group’s infrastructure and support systems, the authorities were able to significantly weaken their presence in the province.

Declaration of Insurgency-Free Status

Last Friday, Surigao del Norte was officially declared an insurgency-free province. This declaration signifies the successful culmination of the collective efforts to restore peace and stability in the region.

During the ceremonial declaration, 14 former rebels pledged their allegiance to the government and received financial and livelihood assistance amounting to a total of P904,269. The Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) facilitated this support through the Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program (E-CLIP).

The financial assistance provided to the former rebels aims to help them start anew and reintegrate into society. Additionally, they received hygiene kits, mosquito nets, and vitamins from the Department of Health. The Department of Social Welfare and Development also contributed P10,000, while the Office of Governor Robert Lyndon Barbers provided P5,000 in cash assistance.

Investment in Surigao del Norte

Surigao del Norte has received substantial funding over the past six years to support development projects and initiatives. Through the E-CLIP, the province received a total of P10.059 billion, which has been instrumental in aiding the reintegration of former rebels and promoting peace and stability.

In addition to the E-CLIP funds, Surigao del Norte also received P1.067 billion for various projects, including the construction of farm-to-market roads, improvement of water and sanitation facilities, establishment of health stations, schools, and rural electrification. These investments are crucial in enhancing the overall well-being and socio-economic development of the province.

The successful eradication of insurgency in Surigao del Norte serves as a testament to the effectiveness of collaborative efforts between the government, military, police, and local communities. Through sustained dedication and strategic initiatives, the province has achieved peace and stability, paving the way for a brighter future for its residents.

Source: The Manila Times

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