Fictap Celebrates 25th Anniversary with International Cable Congress

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The Federation of International Cable TV and Telecommunications Association of the Philippines (Fictap) is gearing up to celebrate its 25th founding anniversary with the International Cable Congress and Exhibit at the Manila Hotel on March 7 to 8, 2024. Fictap serves as the umbrella organization for over 500 cable operators and technical or managerial personnel.

The 25th International Cable Congress and Exhibition will showcase the leading international partners and suppliers of cable television and telecommunications firms in the Philippines. It will also bring together prominent leaders in the Philippine broadcast, telecommunications, and communications industries. This event serves as a platform for collaboration, cooperation, and the exchange of ideas.

This year’s theme, “Fictap 25 Years of Collaboration, Cooperation, Cable and Thence Connectivity,” highlights the organization’s commitment to fostering partnerships and advancing connectivity in the country. Among the notable participants are Sopto, a strategic technical partner from Shenzhen, China, as well as television giants GMA-7, Cignal TV, and Channel 5. Additionally, there will be nearly 30 partner exhibitors showcasing their products and services.

Recognizing the importance of private sector partnerships, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has emphasized the need for fast, efficient, and affordable connectivity, particularly in rural areas. Connectivity serves as the backbone of business, enabling economic growth and development.

Amidst the challenges posed by the pandemic, Fictap cable operators played a crucial role in providing vital internet connectivity. Their services allowed students to attend online classes, enabled elders to consult with doctors through telemedicine, and facilitated safe online shopping for households. The resilience and dedication of Fictap members have been instrumental in ensuring that communities stay connected during these difficult times.

Originating as a group of 21 Mindanao cable operators, Fictap has grown under the visionary leadership of incumbent National Chairman Estrellita Juliano-Tamano. Tamano’s invitation to cable operators in Cebu, as well as the greater Luzon and Metro Manila area, paved the way for the promotion and advocacy of small- and medium-scale cable TV operators.

Looking ahead, Fictap remains committed to seeking technological advancements that will bring faster and more cost-efficient connectivity to even the most remote mountain, agricultural, and seaside communities. The organization aims to bridge the digital divide and ensure that every Filipino has access to reliable and affordable telecommunications services.

As Fictap celebrates its 25 years of dynamic existence and support to the Filipino people, it continues to play a vital role in shaping the telecommunications landscape in the Philippines. Through collaboration, cooperation, and a shared vision of connectivity, Fictap remains at the forefront of driving innovation and progress in the industry.

Source: The Manila Times

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