5 Most Popular Newspaper in Kuwait to Check Out Online

newspapers in kuwait
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There are many websites and newspaper in Kuwait to get news in real-time. These are the most popular ones online, so they’re a good place to start if you want to know what’s happening in Kuwait.

Arab Times:

top 1 newspaper in kuwait by web visits: arab times

The Arab Times began in 1977 as a weekly publication under Dar Al-Seyassah, later becoming a daily newspaper in Kuwait. It became influential in Kuwait and the Persian Gulf region, based in Al Shuwaikh. In 2001, its circulation was reported to be 48,000. It holds the distinction of being Kuwait’s first English-language newspaper. Ahmed Al-Jarallah currently serves as its editor-in-chief.

Kuwait Times

top 2 newspaper in kuwait by web visits: kuwait times

Yousuf Saleh Alyan established Kuwait Times in 1961. This 36-page broadsheet offers detailed coverage of local events, business updates, and editorial pieces on local, regional, and global matters, alongside entertainment and sports news. Additionally, Kuwait Times publishes the Friday Times, an 80-page tabloid distributed for free. As the country’s pioneer tabloid, it presents local commentary, news, and analysis, along with entertainment, sports, and extensive features. In 2001, its circulation reached 28,000 copies. Kuwait Times had a sister Arabic daily newspaper, Alfajer Aljadeed, which ran for two years following the Kuwait invasion.

Al Rai Al Aam:

top 3 newspaper in kuwait by web visits: Al Rai

Al Rai, originally known as Al Rai Alaam (‘Public Opinion’) from 1995 to 2006, is a daily newspaper in Kuwait. In a 2007 survey conducted by the Washington-based Intermedia group, Al Rai was ranked as the top Kuwaiti newspaper for the fifth consecutive year.

Al Anbaa:

top 4 newspaper in kuwait by web visits: Al anbaa

Al-anba is a prominent Kuwaiti daily newspaper with a comprehensive focus on politics. It was established by Mr. Khalid Yousef Al-Marzook on January 5, 1976. Throughout its 48-year history, “Alanba” has gained recognition for its significant positions taken during various stages of Kuwait and the Arab world’s contemporary history. It is regarded as one of the longstanding media establishments in the Arab world, valued for its professionalism and consistent pursuit of exclusive stories, news coverage, analyses, and special reports.


top 5 newspaper in kuwait by web visits: Al Qabas

Al-Qabas is a daily Kuwaiti newspaper published in Arabic. It is produced by the Dar Al Qabas Press Printing Publishing and Distribution Company, based in Kuwait City.

While these are the most popular online, there are many other newspaper in kuwait to explore, including:

Each publication offers its own unique take on current events, catering to a variety of interests.

So, whether you prefer to stay informed in English or Arabic, there’s a Kuwaiti newspaper out there to keep you up-to-date on the latest happenings in the country and the international.

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