Patients Find Dental Care in Kuwait to be Excessively High

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Expensive Dental Care in Kuwait

In Kuwait, dental care expenses have long posed a significant challenge, often prompting individuals to seek treatment abroad or face financial strain. Recognizing this ongoing issue, Kuwait Times has gathered complaints from both expatriates and locals regarding the high costs associated with dental care in the country.

Expatriate Perspectives on Dental Care in Kuwait:

Abdullatif, an expatriate residing in Kuwait, compared dental care expenses between Kuwait and Jordan, highlighting significant cost disparities. He shared his personal experience, noting that undergoing a similar implant procedure using implants from the same German company in Jordan could result in saving approximately 45 percent compared to Kuwait. Abdullatif underwent six tooth implants in Jordan for about KD 1,000, a procedure that would have cost him at least KD 2,000 in Kuwait. Additionally, he underwent other dental procedures, which would have been much costlier if performed in Kuwait. Many individuals, especially expatriates, opt to seek dental care in their home countries or elsewhere due to more affordable prices.

Expatriate Views Continued:

Abdullah, an Indian expatriate, echoed similar sentiments. He recently underwent a root canal treatment in India for KD 10 per tooth, a fraction of the cost compared to Kuwaiti private clinics. While expatriates can access root canal treatment at public clinics in Kuwait, the lengthy procedure and waiting times deter many patients in need of urgent care.

Challenges for Kuwaiti Citizens:

Even Kuwaiti citizens, like Lama, face financial challenges with dental care costs. While public hospitals offer free services to citizens, they may not cover certain treatments such as implants and braces, necessitating visits to private clinics. Lama highlighted the long waiting times at public hospitals, prompting many individuals to opt for private hospitals and clinics despite the higher costs.

Insights from a Kuwaiti Orthodontist:

Dr. Nour Esmail, a Kuwaiti orthodontist, noted that dental care prices vary based on several factors. She pointed out that prices often depend on the reputation of the clinic or dentist rather than the required procedures for the patient’s treatment.

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