Italian Ambassador Leaves Kuwait with a Sense of Pride

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By Rabih Kalas
Special to The Times Kuwait

After an immensely successful tenure of over four years, Italian Ambassador H.E. Carlo Baldocci is bidding farewell to Kuwait with a deep sense of pride. During his time in Kuwait, Ambassador Baldocci has played a pivotal role in strengthening the bilateral relations between Italy and Kuwait. Moreover, he cherishes the fond memories of the genuine friendships he formed during his stay in this remarkable country. In an interview with the Arabic daily Al Jarida, the ambassador openly expressed his sentiments towards Kuwait and its people.

The ambassador began by stating, “My wife Cristiana and I leave with immense gratitude towards Kuwait. I don’t consider these feelings as mere nostalgia, but rather as a testament to the fact that Kuwait is not just a chapter in our lives; we will forever carry cherished memories of this place and its people.”

Reflecting on the initial months of his arrival in Kuwait, the ambassador emphasized their significance in shaping his perception of the country and its people. He said, “I arrived a few months before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. I will always remember, as will the Italian people, the generous support provided by the Kuwaiti Government during the early stages of the crisis, when Italy was among the first countries severely affected by this devastating contagion. In those early days, it was challenging to comprehend both the causes and the true extent of this global catastrophe.”

“I am grateful for the support of numerous Kuwaitis who reached out to express their solidarity and closeness, often through material assistance, towards my country. This was an extraordinary testament of friendship for me. True friends are there for you in times of need, even without you asking, and Kuwait and its people have proven to be exceptional friends of Italy and the Italian people on this occasion,” added the ambassador.

Continuing on, the ambassador highlighted the celebrations that took place in 2021 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Italian recognition of Kuwait. These celebrations included numerous events, publications, exhibitions, concerts, and seasons of Italian music. Despite the interruptions caused by the pandemic, the ambassador took pride in bringing Milan’s renowned La Scala to Kuwait, showcasing the exceptional talent of young Italian performers from the Accademia Chigiana, and presenting the music of Ennio Morricone, among other cultural exchanges. Additionally, the ambassador emphasized the strong Italian economic and commercial presence in Kuwait.

Delving into the economic relations between the two countries, Ambassador Baldocci noted, “The economic ties have grown significantly. In 2022, Italy emerged as Kuwait’s leading European trading partner, with exports exceeding two billion euros, double the figures of both 2019 and 2020. Kuwaiti exports to Italy also witnessed a remarkable increase during the same period. The future looks promising for further economic growth and improvement.”

The ambassador attributed the bilateral economic growth to the increasing awareness and friendship between Italy and Kuwait. He stated, “I firmly believe that the strengthening of economic relations is a natural outcome of the level of understanding and friendship between our two countries. When I first arrived in Kuwait, we were issuing 35 visas per day. Since January 1st of this year, we have issued 28,000 visas to Italy from Kuwait. The more Italians and Kuwaitis have the opportunity to get to know and appreciate each other, the more common interests, including those of a business nature, develop.”

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Italian Ambassador H.E. Carlo Baldocci bids farewell to Kuwait with a profound sense of pride, having significantly strengthened bilateral relations between Italy and Kuwait. Reflecting on his tenure, he expresses gratitude for the support received during the COVID-19 pandemic and highlights the vibrant cultural exchanges and flourishing economic ties between the two countries.

Source: Italian envoy leaves with a sense of pride

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