Kuwait Embassies Shut Down in 5 Foreign Countries as Part of Diplomatic Reorganization.

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Kuwait Embassies Closure in Diplomatic Realignment

 In a significant diplomatic reorganization, Kuwait Embassies has been close in five foreign countries. This decision follows the enactment of Decree 68 of 2024, which revokes the operation of several Kuwaiti diplomatic missions.

Affected Countries: 

The nations impacted by Kuwait Embassies closure are the Federal Republic of Myanmar, the Kingdom of Cambodia, the Lao Democratic RepublicGabon, and Zimbabwe. The decision was made by the Council of Ministers, who pointed to strategic considerations and a reassessment of diplomatic priorities as the driving factors.

Consulate Shutdown:

Following this move, Kuwait has also closed its consulate in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, in accordance with the same decree.

Strategic Diplomatic Shift:

 These closures are indicative of Kuwait’s efforts to adjust its diplomatic footprint in response to changing geopolitical landscapes and the country’s shifting international interests.

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