Kuwait Schools Seek Foreign Teachers to Address Staffing Shortage

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Steps to Recruit Non-Kuwaiti in Kuwait Schools

Matrook Al-Mutairi, Acting Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education, has initiated steps to enlist non-Kuwaiti educators to Kuwait Schools for the upcoming school year. This effort includes both expatriate teachers on renewed contracts and individuals with specialized skills. Al-Mutairi seeks approval from the Civil Service Commission to appoint qualified candidates for a three-year period. These non-Kuwaiti teachers are slated to receive a salary of 420 dinars along with a potential housing allowance of 60 dinars. However, a source within the education sector has disclosed that the ministry’s administrative division has yet to fill a quarter of the required teaching positions, currently totaling 1,600 for both genders.

Application Process and Challenges

The ministry is currently accepting electronic applications through its official portal, with over 2,000 applicants already in the queue. Nonetheless, many candidates have not progressed past the interview phase, and some have been turned down by the Civil Service Commission, particularly when Kuwaiti citizens with similar qualifications are already in the employment system.

Logistical Hurdles and External Recruitment

External recruitment for educators is not part of the yearly plan, and complications persist in bringing in Palestinian teachers who were contracted before recent events in Gaza. Efforts to resolve this involve liaising with the Palestinian embassy and exploring pathways through Jordan.

Preparation for the Academic Year

The ministry is concentrating on preparing for the upcoming academic year, which includes assessing the need for schools in residential areas. Although the current strategy favors local recruitment, adjustments may be required if the requisite number of teachers cannot be secured.

Commitment to Kuwaitization Initiative

The Ministry of Education remains dedicated to the Kuwaitization initiative, striving for a balance between Kuwaiti and non-Kuwaiti teachers. Presently, the ratio stands at 72 percent Kuwaiti teachers to 28 percent non-Kuwaiti teachers, in accordance with annual Kuwaitization goals.

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