Court Issues Multiple Judicial Rulings in the Name of H.H the Amir

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On the first working day after the holiday, Kuwaiti courts announced the issuance of 486 judicial rulings in the name of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Mishal Al-Ahmad. This significant number of rulings reflects the dedication and efficiency of the Kuwaiti judicial system.

According to an informed source, the Farwaniya courts have issued 46 rulings in civil and commercial cases, as well as 19 rulings in appealed misdemeanor cases. The Al-Qabas Daily reported that there were also 74 rulings in municipal cases and 75 in misdemeanor cases. These rulings demonstrate the courts’ commitment to resolving a wide range of legal matters.

In the pursuit of justice, the Hawalli Court has contributed to the tally with 25 civil rulings and 27 criminal rulings. Similarly, the capital’s courts released 50 rulings in civil commercial cases and 4 administrative rulings. These rulings showcase the courts’ ability to handle diverse types of cases efficiently.

Furthermore, the courts have addressed various other legal issues. For instance, 21 rental rulings and 7 grievance rulings were issued. The Jahra courts have issued 5 commercial rulings and 16 criminal rulings. The Ahmadi courts have also played their part with 17 rulings in misdemeanor cases, 14 in labor cases, and 7 in commercial cases. These rulings demonstrate the courts’ dedication to upholding the law in different areas.

In terms of family cases, a total of 45 rulings were issued. The Hawalli courts accounted for 15 of these, while the Al-Ahmadi courts issued 10. The Farwaniya courts granted 9 rulings, and the capital and Mubarak Al-Kabeer courts were tied at 5 rulings each. The Jahra courts issued just one ruling in family cases. These rulings signify the courts’ commitment to resolving family matters and ensuring the well-being of individuals and families in Kuwait.

Additionally, the President of the Court of Cassation has issued a circular to the secretaries of the sessions and the court’s typists. This circular emphasizes the importance of accuracy in the preamble of the rulings pronounced on behalf of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Mishal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah. This attention to detail ensures that the rulings accurately reflect the decisions made by the courts and maintain the integrity of the judicial process.

In conclusion, the recent issuance of 486 judicial rulings in Kuwait demonstrates the commitment of the courts to uphold the law and provide timely justice. The variety of cases addressed and the attention to detail in the rulings reflect the efficiency and professionalism of the Kuwaiti judicial system. These rulings contribute to maintaining a just and fair society in Kuwait.

Source: TimesKuwait

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