Kuwait Sets New Protocols for Recruiting Foreign Workers

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Government’s Efforts to Streamline Recruitment Foreign Worker in Kuwait

The government is taking steps to regulate the labor market by establishing protocols for recruiting foreign workers in Kuwait for specific technical fields. This initiative aims to simplify operations for business owners and private sector companies, creating a more conducive business environment and reducing visa trade.

Key Professions Targeted


The committee overseeing labor market regulation is focusing on devising recruitment mechanisms for crucial professions such as medical, educational, engineering, legal, accounting, and financial roles. These mechanisms will be applied uniformly to recruiters of all nationalities without discrimination.

Implementation and Timeline

The implementation of these labor market regulation measures is expected to commence soon after approval from relevant authorities. The committee, comprising the Public Authority for Manpower and other government and private entities, is nearing the finalization of the protocols.

Regulatory Measures


The Public Authority for Manpower is working to refine the processes for recruiting foreign workers in Kuwait through a series of regulatory measures. These measures include proposals for recruiting workers in technical fields, such as withholding new work permits unless academic credentials are endorsed and validated, and requiring professional experience certificates and practice tests.

Certification and Experience Requirements

The proposed mechanisms also include strict enforcement of certifying practical certificates issued by labor-exporting countries, in coordination with Kuwaiti embassies abroad. Additionally, requirements include possessing a certificate indicating years of experience specific to each profession, alongside a profession practice certificate endorsed by relevant authorities in the worker’s country.

Enhancing Labor Standards

Government’s efforts to regulate the labor market are aimed at addressing issues related to labor standards, discrimination, and the rights of workers, including foreign workers in Kuwait. The country is working to ensure the quality and competency of the labor force by linking work permits to certificates and experience.

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