KW: Health Ministry Plans to Establish New Specialized Clinics Within Primary Care Facilities

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Assistant Undersecretary for Health Care Affairs Announces Enhancements in Primary Health Care Services


Dr. Nadia Jumaa, Assistant Undersecretary for Health Care Affairs at the Ministry of Health, revealed the upcoming launch of specialized clinics in various primary health care centers as part of the government’s 100-day action plan.

Expansion of Specialized Clinics

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Dr. Jumaa announced plans to expand specialized clinics in West Mubarak Al-Kabeer and Farwaniya areas to include healthy child and psychiatry services. Additionally, the Fahaheel Health Center is set to open with added specialties such as preventive health, oral and dental health, following the completion of enhancements.

Extension of Working Hours

The Ministry of Health has extended working hours at the Adan and Sadeeq health centers to accommodate extended patient care during the government’s 100-day work plan. The Adan health center will now operate until midnight, while the Sadeeq health center will extend its services until 9:00 pm.

Priority for Primary Health Care

Dr. Jumaa emphasized the ministry’s strong commitment to primary health care as a priority in the government’s development programs. She highlighted Kuwait’s leadership in the health field, attributing it to significant achievements in healthcare services.

Kuwait Association of Family Doctors and General Practitioners Updates

Dr. Mohammad Al-Azmi, President of the Kuwait Association of Family Doctors and General Practitioners, announced the upcoming launch of the 2nd Family Medicine Conference in May, bringing together esteemed family doctors and representatives from the Gulf Society of Family Medicine and international organizations. The association’s membership has witnessed a substantial increase since its establishment.

Dr. Al-Azmi also provided an overview of the association’s achievements, including:

* Seeking a cooperation agreement with the healthcare sector
* Launching the Kuwait Family Medicine Document
* Participating in the Kuwait Medical Association’s electronic medicine project
* Organizing numerous scientific activities and programs
* Supporting the Board and Parallel Diploma Program by providing scientific events and support for pre-examination courses

Kuwait Municipality Approves Food Canteen License for Dairy Company

The Kuwait Municipality has approved a license for a food canteen within the boundaries of the Kuwait Dairy Company’s premises in Sulaibiya Agricultural Area. The canteen will serve employees of the company and its operation will be restricted to the site.

Disbursement of Bonuses for Teachers and Administrators

The Acting Assistant Undersecretary for Financial Affairs, Matrouk Al-Mutairi, announced that all bonus payments for teachers and administrators will be completed this week. This includes bonuses for correcting test papers, confidential printing, and adult education rewards. The control workers’ remuneration will be transferred on Sunday, March 24.

The financial sector has implemented measures to expedite the processing and approval of bonuses, ensuring timely payment to beneficiaries. The sector’s efforts have been commended for their diligence and dedication in completing the disbursement process within the specified timeframe.

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What types of specialized clinics are being introduced in primary healthcare centers by the Kuwait Ministry of Health?

The Kuwait Ministry of Health is introducing specialized clinics within various primary healthcare centers across the country, covering a range of medical areas such as preventive health, diabetes, chronic diseases, diabetic foot care, children’s health, bedwetting, obesity, and ear, nose, and throat (ENT) services

How can citizens and residents be transferred to specialized clinics in the hospitals of Al-Sabah Medical Specialized District?

Citizens and residents can be transferred to specialized clinics in the hospitals of Al-Sabah Medical Specialized District by visiting the public hospital they are referred to, submitting the required documents including Civil ID and health insurance card, undergoing examination, and then being transferred to the specialized hospital

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